If you’re a passionate geek with an interest in writing about pop culture, our inbox is always open to you. Here at TNC we believe in celebrating the entertainment that we spend our lives consuming, while providing our audience with an outlet that’s fun, informative, and caters to their interests. Luckily for us, their interests are also ours.

    Unfortunately, we can’t pay for submissions at this time. It’s something that we’re working on changing in the near future as we believe that writers deserve to be compensated for their work. When we make money, so will our team. However, if you want to write about pop culture and have a great time while you’re doing it, we’d love to hear from you.

    That being said, we’re not looking for just anyone. We’re interested in passionate voices who have something they want to write about. We’re open to all types of features, but we like all of them to have a pulse. We like it when the author’s personality shines through, because everyone is awesome in their own unique way.

    At the same time, we want features that are informative and unique. We like our deep dives to be well-researched and our op-eds to be thoughtful. No take is too hot for us to consider. Why is your subject interesting, important, or awesome? Don’t be afraid to pitch something bold and radical. But if you want to pitch an informative trivia list, that’s also very much appreciated. Variety is the spice of life after all.

    All in all, we’re an open-minded site and open to all kinds of ideas. However, we’re not interested in features that intend to mock or highlight everything that’s wrong with a piece of art. We don’t publish Worst lists and like-minded content for clicks. Sometimes we have to be critical of pop culture and the industry, but only when it has a productive purpose. Addressing the many issues that impact entertainment in negative ways is fine. But pointless, snarky features aren’t our thing.

    Still interested in pitching?

    If so, you can send your ideas to editor@thatsnotcurrent.com and someone will respond to you ASAP. Feel free to tell us about yourself and your interests as well. Tell us a terrible (or funny) joke if you like. We’re a silly bunch here.

    Finally, also please bear in mind that we’re a small team and sometimes it takes us a few days to respond. But we will.

    TNC Staff
    We post multi-author articles and news.

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