The Nintendo Wii offers gamers an experience that other consoles just can’t provide. Not to say that it is superior; it’s just to say that it offers an entirely different approach to gaming. Since its release in November 2006, over 100 million consoles have been sold worldwide. And owners of the newer Switch console can utilize the backward compatibility to play these original Wii games.

    As well as bringing brilliant new games to the screens of millions, often with a sensor-based control system that still remains unique, the Wii gave Nintendo fans the opportunity to enjoy new additions to their favorite classic series like Mario and Zelda.

    And where better place to start but Mario. There are multiple titles to tickle every taste bud, and developers managed to make great use of the Wii technology while retaining the charm of the earlier editions. The “New Super Mario Bros” is the classic platformer that we know and love, revamped with exciting new levels and power-ups, and the ability to play up to four players.

    “Super Paper Mario” offers a combination of platform, puzzle and RPG elements with a brilliant storyline and humorous dialogue. Players can turn the world from paper-thin 2D to 3D, use special powers and more. Every Nintendo fan’s favorite plumber shows up in many more awesome games, including “Mario Party” (8 is probably the best) and the “Mario Kart Wii,” which is one of the greatest of its kind.

    Mario really hits the spot when it comes to “Super Mario Galaxy 2,” an out-of-this-world, 3D platformer with crazy dimensions, and perhaps one of the best Wii games (and best Mario games!) ever released. The first was great, and this one is superb. Challenging and fun!

    If Mario was never your go-to for jumping and collecting treats, there are plenty of other platformers on the Wii that will tick the boxes for old-school Nintendo fans. “Donkey Kong Country Returns” is back for a round in the barrels, collecting bananas and rolling through enemies. DK is joined by Diddy Kong for two-player madness. “Rayman” is also worth the flashback. The Wii version is as challenging and
    artistically pleasing as it always has been.

    The Wii has also been responsible for decent innovations such as “Wii Fit” and “Wii Sports,” in which the player takes an active participation in what can only be described as the first successful fusion of gaming and exercise. The idea of the Mii characters took off as well, with customized characters to play Olympics and dance around with. But not every hit was successful. The Mii poker game “Texas Hold’Em Poker” was a bit of a flop really. Exciting in some ways, and true to the original poker game, though it doesn’t offer real money play like the
    Another one of the best games ever to hit the Wii (arguably, at least) was “Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”. For fans of the series, this was the one that they had been waiting for. “Twilight Princess” was a decent effort, but just didn’t have the pure magic of a “Zelda” game. “Skyward Sword,” on the other hand, has it all: a completely immersive storyline, visually bright and beautiful, awesome puzzles and the best swordplay ever! The Wii sensors are aided by the MotionPlus, which gives players the chance to swing their “sword” around in intense and intuitive battles as they guide Link on his journey.

    Moving away from the age-old Nintendo classics, “No More Heroes 2” gives players pure hack-and-slash madness with a raunchy and funny side. This is a game that dares to go there in its dialogue, guts and gore. The arcade-style graphics are a little nod to the 80s, but mostly it’s just great to jump around with a Wii remote and cut through enemies.

    Though the Wii is famed for its platformers, as well as for those unique slash or shoot games that best utilize the Wii remote in a distinct way, there’s a lot to be said for a couple of the Wii’s RPGs. If you haven’t got them yet, they’re going to be hard to get for any sort of reasonable price, but for true fans of the genre, they are both worth it and are unlikely to depreciate. The first is “The Last Story,” which is directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the legendary game designer responsible for the critically-acclaimed “Final Fantasy” series. Yeah… big! The second is “Xenoblade Chronicles,” 100+ hours of awesome gameplay set in a stunning fantasy world with an equally entrancing soundtrack.

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