The lightsaber is probably the best thing Star Wars has ever given the imagination of kids since its first release in 1977. The lightsaber is a weapon made of plasma and can cut through almost through everything. The sword makes a crisp sound when you sing it around. Despite being used in a fictional film, there is a captivating story behind this weapon. For instance, you must have more skill and power above than others to use a lightsaber. Here are some details about lightsaber in 2019.

    1.The lightsaber was Initially Created by the Dark side

    Long before the lightsaber, there were there other weapons such as Forcesabers. Instead of using beams of plasma, the Forcesabers used the dark Force power. Initially, the Forcesabers were created by “Force Hounds,” who worked for the Rakatan Infinite Empire. Since the Forcesabers were associated with the Dark Side, the Light Side was reluctant to use them, especially because they were strong.

    2.Lightsabers are more than Swords

    Although films show Lightsaber shaped like a sword, the technology has gone through several upgrades. For instance, the Lightwhip is made of emitters originating from the handle rather than a single emitter in the handle. However, the Lightwhip was not an excellent weapon. Other upgrades include the Lightclubs, which were made for beings who could perceive feelings.

    3.The Earliest Lightsaber Required Battery Packs

    After the fall of the Forcesaber, the new lightsaber appeared. The weapon was heavy and unwieldy and would often overheat. The swords required a pack of batteries to sustain their inefficient energy. As a result, the early lightsabers were often used like conventional weapons. After several refinements and technological upgrades, the lightsabers became a combat weapon, although it still required a battery pack. Sith was the one to solve this energy problem as it made an efficient power cell that you could replace within the handle.

    4.Some races had difficulties with Lightsabers

    Even though a lightsaber can cut through almost everything, it cannot challenge water. A little rain will not harm the weapon, but a lightsaber ceases to work once you submerge it in water. Water causes the sword to short out due to its flow of energy. As a result, Jedi of amphibious alien species have to use modified lightsabers if they want to use them in water.

    5.The lightsaber is not designed for force users only

    We always see force uses yield a lightsaber. Many non-force users in the Star Wars Universe believe that only Force users can wield these weapons. However, in the movie “The Force Awakens,” Finn proves that anyone can use a lightsaber. One does not require force to use a lightsaber effectively.

    If you look at images of lightsabers hilts or their replicas, you will notice that they are made of metal. In The Clone Wars, professor Huyang taught the world that it is possible to create lightsabers from other materials. He taught Jedi younglings that strong wood is also an option. As a result, you will find different variations of lightsaber available in our toy stores, as a means to re-tell and safeguard this history.

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