Hobbs: “So you… go inside Hannah’s head? How does that even look?”

    Connor: “It looks exactly the way I designed it to look.”

    That’s how we left off episode one, a cool cliffhanger with the mastermind behind “The Brain Frame,” also the title of the second episode of Crunch Time, that is inside someones mind and a very short collection of crazy stuff that we see split second clips of. However, Connor’s two accomplices that accompany him to the brain frame seem to think differently, stating that it looked “like a shitty sewer.”


    Episode two of Crunch Time starts out in the brain frame, which does in fact look like a weird sewer for some reason, which adds to the humor. The brain frame is designed almost as a viewing center for the subjects dreams, it has doors to enter but also a little hole perfect for viewing such dreams. Now we start to get to the real meat of the story where they try and create ideas within Hannah’s mind to help convince her that she needs to be with Sam. This obviously backfires, thanks to the incredible douchebaggery of Berkman, and we end up going from a comedy drama to a horror comedy as Hannah’s subconscious realizes something is wrong and ends up going into nightmare mode.

    This episode isn’t nearly as cool and enticing as the first episode, but that’s also because it’s not the pilot, we as the viewers are already hooked so they need to start delving into the story now, which they do and turns out pretty interesting. They set up the brain frame and set up all the rules about this shows idea and how it works. I feel like for the most part it’s something we’ve seen before in other dream related movies, but it does it in a fun and entertaining way. We also get to see a lot more of Hannah in this episode as she becomes much more of a main character and Jessy Hodges acting is absolutely just as good as the rest of the cast, who I would like to continue to praise as they are still absolutely phenomenal. Episode 2 also has a wonderful guest appearance by Casper Van Dien starring as Casper Van Dien, the phenomenal actor from such amazing films as Starship Troopers, The Omega Code, and Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf, within Hannah’s dream world which is honestly quite amazing and hysterical.

    I truly have no real complaints or criticisms about this episode. There’s a lot more of Hannah in this episode, so my complaint about a lack of female characters is less of a complaint now, though I would love at least one more main character. It’s not as in your face awesome as the first episode, but that’s what this one needed to be. A slightly more serious episode, even though it did have lots of fun humor still since it is a comedy show, with more story being added than in the first episode. It also ends with a good hook where all our main characters find out just exactly why these government like officials have taken them in as well as where this show’s title comes from. All in all it’s definitely a good second episode and I will absolutely be watching the entire series because of it.

    Crunch Time episode two is available on Rooster Teeth’s Youtube channel as well as their website. Or you can watch it below:


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