I was so determined for Fairuza to play that part.

    Few horror films from the ’90s have had a lasting impact that matches that of 1996’s The Craft.

    This story of four teenage outcasts — Rachel TrueRobin TunneyFairuz Balk, and Neve Campbell — at a Catholic prep high school that practice witchcraft has been a staple in goth circles for the last 23 years and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. With good reason, too. Who amongst us wouldn’t want to pick up a few spells in order to smite enemies? I can think of at least 12 people I’d smite right now if I could.

    The delightful ’90s aesthetic, highlighted by a soundtrack featuring the sort of indie and alt-rock bands that couldn’t come from any other decade — I’m looking at you Our Lady Peace, Sponge and Love Spit Love — is certainly a key player in the film’s growing legacy. But to truly understand why this film has persisted all these years later, look no further than the pitch-perfect cast. The Craft is women-fronted horror and it features three of the most badass leading ladies to ever grace the silver screen.

    Below director Andrew Fleming discusses how fortunate he was to land this cast in this TNC exclusive look at the upcoming Scream Factory Collector’s Editon Blu-ray hitting shelves March 12th.

    Christopher Coffel
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