Only four days since its reveal, the No Man’s Sky Foundation update has been well-documented. In what looks to be a fairly large update, there will be lots of new features added, including freighters and yes – you guessed it – base building. So without further ado let’s have a look in what’s in store:

    Base Building

    What will undoubtedly be the biggest part to this update, base building will take place on uninhabited planets you claim for yourself. After claiming a planet for your own you can set down your homestead to act as shelter, and you can also expand your base with modular constructions later on. Furthermore, you can hire aliens to help you research new technology and help further expand your tiny corner of the galaxy. From the games various space stations you can recruit aliens to help with Farming, engineering, weapons development and science.

    Finally, if you want to create a new base you only have to dismantle your original homestead and start again on another planet.


    In your base you can grow useful alien plant life, which will provide you with a useful, steady income from the resources they provide when harvested.


    Freighters are huge, expensive hauling ships you can purchase to carry vast amounts of resources for trading, which can be teleported onto your freighter from the planet’s surface. From your base you can customise the inside of your freighter to your own specifications and give it massive storage areas for transporting your resources across the galaxy.

    New Resources and Tech

    Finally, each planet will have many biomes on it, on which will grow biome specific species of plants and animals. Hopefully this will help to give all of the creatures and plants on these planets more variety and, most importantly, a better sense of identity on the world they inhabit.

    If you would like to read the original update you can find it HERE.

    All of these new editions seem to point to the post launch support for No Man’s Sky to try and build on the universe they already created. Like Elite Dangerous or EVE: Online they seem to want to create a more fleshed out economy and sense of place for the player. At least that’s my speculation from the Foundation update. What I worry about is that this grounding will take away from the nomadic joy of the game in its original form, restricting me from seeing all the different worlds and creatures because of my concern about my virtual fruit harvest. Then again, maybe stopping to smell the alien roses could help people to appreciate the worlds at large they do encounter.

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