“You shat, we listened. Introducing ‘Underscares’, the Outlast 2 companion diaper. Because when you’re scared, #2 can become problem #1”

    This is the opening statement in the new Kickstarter project ‘Underscares’ which is exactly what it claims to be – Outlast 2 adult diapers.

    Developed by Red Barrels, a company in Canada, these are diapers that are “wearable, comfortable, high quality and most importantly, washable.”

    With 15 days to go, Red Barrels need to raise another $27,000 to reach their $40,000 goal. Donors are split into a variety of tiers: donate $10 and get the Underscares DIY kit, donate $55 or more and you’ll get an Outlast 2 Steam Key and a set of Basic Underscares, donate $75 or more and you’ll receive Outlast 2 and the Deluxe Underscares but if you donate $6,666 or more and you’ll get the official Outlast chapel from Pax East as well as 6 copies of Outlast 2 and 6 pairs of Deluxe Underscares.

    Let’s be honest here, as far as trite video game marketing goes this one is up there with Dead Island Riptide’s infamous zombie bikini figure and the Dying Light Kickstarter. There’s probably a conversation in here about the role of news article, like this one, in the circle jerk of video game marketing but… well this article is still getting posted anyway, isn’t it?

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