Two years ago Robert Bronzi made his big screen debut in From Hell to the Wild West. That movie mostly went unnoticed but it’s important for two reasons — it introduced the world to Bronzi and it paired him up with director Rene Perez. The duo would re-team in 2018 with Death Kiss, a vigilante tale so similar to Death Wish that the whole purpose was to cash in on the fact that Bronzi is to Charles Bronson what Jeremy Irons is to Jeremy Irons (that’s a Dead Ringers joke that I feel the need to clarify out of fear that no one will get it).

    Bronzi and Perez are back with a new film that goes even deeper than their previous two efforts. This time around they’re not only playing up the Bronzi-Bronson effect, but they’ve cashed in on a title that directly references and sounds just like two much more popular films recently released while also referencing one of the most popular Bronson films of all time. So what’s their new film you ask? Why, it’s Once Upon a Time in Deadwood, of course.


    The film follows a notorious gunslinger who is slipped a slow-acting poison by an heiress and told he has three days to track down and rescue her sister, who has been kidnapped by a band of hoodlums and holds the antidote. That all makes sense.

    Oh, and it co-stars Michael Pare. Score.

    The script was written by Perez and producer Jeff Miller. Miller, who also produced Death Kiss and the upcoming Bronzi auctioneer Escape from Death Block 13, isn’t shy when talking about the film’s “influences.”

    “If you liked Death Kiss, you’ll love Bronzi again delivering his brand of justice,” says Miller.  “We filmed at recognizable locations where Bronson stood 50 years ago on the classic Once Upon a Time in the West, and I can’t wait for fans to check out this latest chapter in our series of films with Bronzi.”

    Take all my money, Bronzi.

    Once Upon a Time in Deadwood hits digital on October 1st and DVD on November 19th.

    Christopher Coffel
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