When it comes to slot gaming, there are many super comic characters that you can choose from when you want to play a machine. You can now choose a comic superhero and play against many famous villains on the many slot machines that offer these games. Many of the video slot games these days are based on the old comic heroes of yesteryear. Most of the superheroes that are known today definitely originated from the old comic books. This tells you the reason many slot machines are themed on these characters.

    You can learn more about the many slot machine games that offer comic characters in the games. All you need to do is visit slotsreview.ca and you will find all the superheroes, the slot games you can play as well as the amounts of money that you can win by playing these video games online.

    1. Spiderman

    This is one of the comic characters that one can play in the slots. The Attack of the Green Goblin is a common slot game that you can play. Spiderman is a comic hero that many villains are unable to take down. The battle with the Green Goblin is definitely a big challenge for the Spiderman. You can play this slot game online and have fun and win at the same time. When you make the first deposit, you can double it in bonuses and this will be great fun at the slots.

    1. South Park

    This is a famous TV cartoon show that you will love playing at the slots. It has many loyal lovers around the world. For the people who love sarcasm, dirty language and dark humour, they will find lots of fun in this game. With the many bonuses that are available on offer, you will, love to be entertained as you play this comic game. You can get up to 20 free spins without the need for you to make any deposits. If you are an online slot game lover, this is the perfect comic game for you.

    1. The Punisher

    From the comic book known as Franchise, this comic character arises. There is also a blockbuster movie in the same title. The Punisher unleashes his wrath by passing judgement to the villains. When you collect 4 skulls, you can trigger some free spins as a bonus. You will then have double payouts and many extra spins when you collect an additional skull on the reels. You can get up to 100% in bonuses when you play this game online. You can also play on your tablet and mobile phone.

    1. Iron Man 3

    In this comic, Tony Stark will take to the sky to fight Aldrich Killian. With many bonus features on the slot game, you will love playing this slot game. There is the All Systems Go, a re-spin feature that is part of the fun game. There are other free spin modes that you can choose from when your three scatters hit the reels.  When you play this slot game online, you can get up to 100% in bonuses and seven-figure jackpots.

    1. Captain America

    This hero game can be said to be a nation-favourite. The game is thrilling for you can be Captain America when you go after characters such as Adolf Hitler and his mega weapons. There are additional bonuses to be won in this slot game. You can trigger the superhero or villain spins and have fun playing this game. You can get double bonuses on your first deposit and other jackpots available on the slots.

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