Today Titan Comics’ Eleventh Doctor series begins a new year, with the Doctor and his companion, Alice Obiefune, going on their third adventure across time and space. It’s another returning companion, however, that will strike a chord with fans who have been following the comics since Year One.

    John Jones was David Bowie in everything but name, and even there Jones was Bowie’s real surname before he changed it from The Monkee’s Davy Jones. A perfect guest companion for Matt Smith’s Doctor, over his time on the TARDIS Jones adopted his chameleon style and wrote song lyrics that sounded awfully similar to Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

    Year One was written before Bowie’s death last year and today’s issue will be the first John Jones has appeared in since, a thinly veiled tribute to one of music’s greatest revolutionaries.

    Here is the press description for Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor 3.1:

    Same great creators – whole new flavor! The Eleventh Doctor begins his blockbuster third year with writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and series artists Simon Fraser and Leandro Casco in the hot seat!
    Year Three unfolds in single issue stories, as the Doctor and Alice Obiefune, seeking a fresh start after the stresses of last year’s epic mystery, set off in search of strange new worlds and amazing new sights! Every issue is packed with story and wonder! Dive deep into the unseen reaches of time and space!
    Super-accessible jumping on point for new readers – come see what the fuss is all about!


    Available January 4th.
    Rachel Bellwoar
    Fueled by Coca Cola ICEEs, Rachel Bellwoar collects TV seasons, reads comics, and tries to put her enthusiasm into words. She also shares the same initials (and first name) as Emmy winner, Rachel Bloom. If that brings her one step closer to being a triceratops in a ballet (please watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), she'll take it. Contact: rachel.bellwoar@thatsnotcurrent.com

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