Welcome back to That’s Not Current Affairs, a weekly column where we discuss recent pop culture events, our site, and whatever else comes to mind at the time.

    Our first week back in business was a success. While we’re still taking baby steps in our quest toward world domination, we had quite strong week that felt like a step in the right direction. One of our major concerns about being away for so long was having our audience forget about us, but that doesn’t appear to be the case at all. In fact, our audience has increased somewhat. It’s humbling to know that people are reading our content.

    As for our content, well, we published some fun, weird, exciting stuff last week. I’m extremely proud of the team we’ve built here. They lend us their time, talent, and energy to write awesome stuff and they’re all excellent human beings as well. We’re lucky, and we’re always looking to bring in more fantastic folks.

    What to Read:

    #Caturday is our favourite day of the week, so we published a list dedicated to the finest felines in all of pop culture on Saturday. Some people have been asking why Heathcliffe didn’t make the cut. Was it an oversight? Or did our scientifically devised voting process exclude him? Well, the truth is we left him out intentionally because we want to see the world burn.

    We also brought back Retro Requisition and revisited the forgotten Sega gem Dragon Force. I recommend you give the piece a read and help us push for a re-release. It deserves to be enjoyed by the masses.

    We also started our ongoing weekly exploration of John Travolta’s crazy career.

    In honour of Slay Day 2019, we revisited some of our favourite Buffy books and comics.

    We also shared some really cool concept art from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

    The fine folks over at Scream Factory also sent us this exclusive clip from their upcoming Blu-ray release of The Craft.

    On the scary front, we discussed how horror movies have ruined lives and grossed everyone out by highlighting the most brutal ankle injuries in the history of cinema.

    That Shazam! trailer was rather good, wasn’t it?

    Finally, we weighed in on the Spielberg/Netflix drama.

    Kieran Fisher
    A loyal friend of dogs and a fan of action movies, giant monsters, and Riverdale. For some reason, he co-owns this site you're reading. Email: kieran@thatsnotcurrent.com.

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