Comin’ straight from the Something Weird vaults (courtesy of Pop Cinema and their Racy Reels showcase) comes two sequels to a flick I have never seen (1965’s I, A Woman for those of you marking your Bingo cards at home). Huzzah!!

    Let’s kick out the fuckin’ jams with:

    I, A Woman Part II (1968): Siv (Gio Petré) finds herself newly married to an eccentric German millionaire antiques dealer who doubtless got a least a  portion of his fortune because he pays exactly jack shit when it comes to bills (which siv has to catch static for from the local shop keeps on the fuckin’ regular). Anyhow, Richie Rich fancies himself a shutterbug, and takes some bodoir pics of the wifey…oh and pimps that ass out to his clientele. But things get a tad more complicated when Siv, ever the apt pupil, discovers her husbands dark past.

    Next up is:

    THE DAUGHTER: I, A Woman Part III (1970): Siv (Gunbritt Öhrström) is forever hot n’ horny, but her teenage daughter Birthe (Inger Sundh) is more like the interior of the Snoopy Snow Cone machine; frigid baby! Of course this being a softcore flesh flick that doesn’t last long, and ol’ Birthe flings herself ass over tea kettle into a world of bikers, go-go clubs, smokin’ hash with hippies, and (probably the most shocking for the time this film was produced), interracial (and homosexual) romance!

    Directed by the legendary Mac Ahlberg (no stranger to my beloved horror biz as he was cinematographer on countless Empire and Full Moon pictures including Re-Animator), these pictures are beautifully shot and composed (accentuated nicely on this Blu-ray presentation), and feature tastefully done sex scenes, wild characters and situations, and a gloriously dated aesthetic that presents a kaleidoscope of vivid colors and tacky fashions. Along with that, the films have a brisk pace and are infinitely watchable as actual motion pictures…which is always welcome in the sexploitation genre.

    Along with the feature films, there are some bonus materials present on this release as well. First up we get an outtake reel from I, A Woman Part II, trailers, and a collection of promos for the first two entries in the Racy Reels releases. Following that we get a scholarly and incredibly engaging audio commentary for I, A Woman Part II from Video Watchdog publisher Tim Lucas (who also provides liner notes for the included booklet as well).

    Worth it for sexploitation connoisseurs and Full Mon/Empire Pictures fans alike, this release of I, A Woman Parts II and III deserves a place in the collection of any lover of exploitation cinema!

    *Note: That trailer I stole from Youtube is not indicative of the look of the film on this release.

    Daniel XIII
    Daniel XIII; the result of an arcane ritual involving a King Diamond album, a box of Count Chocula, and a copy of Swank magazine, is a screenwriter, actor, artist, and reviewer of fright flicks…Who hates ya baby?

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