42nd Street Pete Presents Bad Barbara Grindhouse Double Feature

    This is one of your twofers so let’s kick things off with a look at the eponymous Bad Barbara (1976)…

    Barbara (Sharon Mitchell) asses around in a park, and tells us of the Harris family, for which she works as a babysitter (which of course cuts to scene of the Harris’ having hardcore sex as the husband’s special needs adult brother peers into the room and begins fapping it…as one does). Of course this being the ’70’s the Harris’ are swingers which leads to more sexual shenanigans (and enough pubes to fill the Chrysler Building) as Barbara fucks everyone…the husband, the wife, the special needs dude (he’s no slouch in the getting it on department as well)…and that is that!

    Next up we have The Horny Landlady (1975, and based on the Dickens novel of the same name…maybe not…)…

    Mitchell is back as Carrie a tenant in an apartment run by a prim landlady (Vanessa Del Rio) who refuses to let her female tenants have male visitors. Since Carrie fucks everything that moves that rule is disregarded pronto. Soon the landlady finds a porno mag and succumbs to horniness (it’s all there in the title folks).

    As for boner…err, I mean bonus features, we get an intro from 42nd Street Pete, a panel featuring star Mitchell, and a link to Pete’s website…not really a feature, but it has it’s own menu option, so there you go.

    If you are in the mood for some vintage porno; this collection gives you some decent bang for your buck; it’s full of what makes 70’s adult film’s great; mostly pubes…but also natural looking actors and actresses, and people that look like they are actually enjoying themselves!


    Venus Theatre Presents Vol 1: The Abduction of Lorelei Triple Feature

    Next up we have three fuck flicks for the price of one as we dive deep into the archives of legendary (and now defunct) Canadian porno picture palace the Venus Theater! First up we have Abduction of Loreli (1977).

    Rich heiress Loreli (Serena) is kidnapped by some thugs (two dudes and their gal pal) from her large as a barge sedan and spirited away to a hotel room where she waits for the outrageous ransom to be paid for her safe return. While there she is sexually brutalized by the gang (minus the woman…Loreli and her just have some tame lesbian trysts). This one was way too rapey for my tastes…

    Next up is South of the Border (1974)

    Three hot n’ horny (big surprise) party lovin’ gal pals head down Mexico way where they are kidnapped by some banditos (seriously, these mother fuckers are as stereotypical and carttony as they come…huge sombreros, ludicrous accents, bullet belts…there’s an eye patch thrown in the mix…). The girls get raped (ugh) before turning the tables on those beastly bandits by raping them (and peeing on them while holding their dicks at gunpoint)?!! What in the actual hell?!!

    Finally we have Turn Me ‘Round (1975)…

    When Art Garfunkel’s (seriously, this dude is a dead ringer) kinks go too far (there’s blood involved…gaaaag), a swinging couple take matters into their own hands. Yeah, that’s literally all there is…shit runs like thirty minutes…

    As for special features, we get nothing!

    While this is 70’s porn with all that entails, the subject matter of these films wasn’t my bag baby…

    42nd Street Pete’s Hot for Teacher 1970s 3-Film Collection

    Finally, we have three more porno pics for you’re perusal! Firstly cums Class of ’69 (1970)…

    A wife tells her husband that she ran into an old high school friend, of whom she relates all manner of stoned out sex stories from their misspent youth (involving boy/girl coupling, group sex, and a lesbian encounter). These ribald yarns make ol’ hubby horny and they get it on. Fin.

    Next up we have Once and For All (1977)…

    Sweet sue is saving herself for marriage, no matter how much her football hero boyfriend tries to persuade her otherwise. Things go swimingly with that plan until Mrs. Evans (Ultramax…who by rights should be a giant alien robot rather than a porno actress) starts F’n the student body six ways to Sunday (including our heroine). Sue than goes bonkers for boners and takes on three dudes at once. Fade to black.

    Finally we are treated to After School Exams (1973)…

    This has pretty much jack shit to do with teachers…but man o’ man what it does have is absurd! You get an outrageously ’70’s funk band (think costumes that would make Dolemite blush and sky-high afros), ridiculous music, and gobs of hairy hetero sex!

    For bonus material we get an intro and outro with Pete and a modern bonus hardcore solo scene.

    Same as the previous 42nd Street Pete release reviewed up yonder; this is typical ’70’s hardcore, so if that’s your thing then this collection will surely satisfy!




    Daniel XIII
    Daniel XIII; the result of an arcane ritual involving a King Diamond album, a box of Count Chocula, and a copy of Swank magazine, is a screenwriter, actor, artist, and reviewer of fright flicks…Who hates ya baby?

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