A still from A Story of the End – Reverie.

    In local Indie news, Revere- The Story of the End has recently released a demo version of their upcoming game on Steam Greenlight.

    For those who may have missed the title, Revere follows the story of Troy, a proud man of the Lumerian Empire, who, after narrowly escaping a purge gone wrong, is rescued by a local village and sets out to put a stop to the terror caused by the place he once called home.

    The game itself is split between two main gameplay aspects: the over world section which is akin to that of Pokémon, Harvest moon or many number of top down RPG’s. From here you can talk to people, brew potions, craft, upgrade weapons and armour and all manner of other over world activities.

    The combat will be a mixture of real time and turn based, with the player choosing attacks and taking turns as it cycles through all of the characters in the battle.

    Although the game is still in development the developers in question are eager to get their project into as many hands as they can. If you think you’d be interested in trying out a new story based RPG then why not check out the demo?

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