I love Sherlock Holmes. Who doesn’t? But when I received a phone call from my brother – another huge Holmes fan — telling me that they Hollywood were making brand new film adaptation, I felt that enough was enough.

    Brother: ”Did you see that they are making another Sherlock Holmes film?”
    Me: ”A new one? What’s wrong with these people? Just make the third Robert Downey Jr. one and stop rebooting.”
    Brother: ”I know, this one has Will Ferrell and that other guy from Step Brothers as Holmes and Watson.”
    Me: ”John C. Reilly, the guy from Gangs of New York?”
    Brother: ”Yes, the guy with the quality haircut.”
    Me: ”Oh my god, without a doubt, this is gonna be the best film of my lifetime.”
    Brother: ”You’re weird.”
    Me: ”Thanks. Goodbye. I love you.”

    I also imagine this sounds somewhat like the drunken conversation between two movie producers – who just so happened to come up with this idea because they were probably the last two people awake at a house party – when they flipped a coin between Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly and Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both of those would be amazing movies to be fair.

    I cannot wait for this movie. How can Will Ferrell starring as Sherlock Holmes be anything other than ridiculous and wonderful? If he plays it entirely as Ron Burgundy from Anchorman with and English accent I would still enjoy it. Some of the Sherlock diehards have voiced their anger and concerns over this adaptation, but it is clearly going to be some silly fun based around a popular story – and we need that sometimes. Just turn your brain off and enjoy.

    The cast is quite strong as well: Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Laurie have signed up to star, along with Kelly MacDonald and Rebecca Hall – and with the occasionally funny Rob Brydon playing the much-maligned Inspector Lestrade, it is shaping up to something well worth watching. But the main selling point is the two leads, whose comedic chemistry was evident in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) and Step Brothers (2008).

    Unfortunately, this won’t have the writing/directing talents of the tremendously talented filmmaker and frequent Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay like those films had. However, writing and directorial duties will be handled by the more than capable Etan Cohen (not to be confused with the Cohen Brothers Ethan Cohen), working off of a script co-written by Will Ferrell. Of course some people will already know Coen from his most recent collaboration with Will Ferrell on the hit, Get Hard. All in all, this is already shaping up to be one of the must-see comedies of 2018.

    If not we can always look forward to Paranormal Activity 16: The Ghostly Toaster Demon.


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