The very cool looking sci-fi themed multiplayer arena shooter Starship Assassin will officially be entering a free month-long open beta starting March 3rd.
    In this FPS, players pick from 1 of 6 ruthless space assassins and join a team tasked with defending aprecious A.I. Core from the other team’s ruthless space assassins!
    As well as offering some mesmerising multiplayer madness perfect for play with your friends, it also features the following:
    • Dedicated servers minimise lag.
    • Base building, letting you to defend your core with shield generators and resource miners.
    • Low gravity combat, allowing Jump and dash through space to defeat your enemies.
    • Striking and iconic 90’s throwback graphics created with low-poly for that retro sci-fi feel.
    • Laser swords for up close combat through lightsaber-esque beams that is your last line of defence.
    Until now, only certain Twitch streamers and YouTubers have been given access to the game. That all changes on shortly when players will be able to visit Starship Assassin’s Itch.io or Gamejolt page to download and play the game.
    Starship Assassin is basically the game I wish I had when I was a kid in the 90’s”, solo-developer Dave Sullivan explains. “But it’s really early too. The game is just coming out of alpha and there’s still so much I want to add. The open beta is a good way to introduce the game to players and hear more about where they want to see the game go.”

    Prior to entering the video game market, Dave Sullivan he worked on applying artificial intelligence in fields like

    medicine and finance. He has now turned his very talented attention to multiplayer game.
    To sign up for early beta access, or for more information, visit Starship Assassin‘s official site!
    Jamie Glasgow
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