The Netflix anthology series Black Mirror has developed a nice fan base over the years. For those not aware, Black Mirror is a British horror/drama anthology series. Similar to Rod Serling’s 1960s series The Twilight Zone, each episode is a completely new story with unique settings and characters. What makes this show different though is that each episode deals with the theme of technology.

    Black Mirror is a great show with a lot of impressive episodes. But let’s take a look at the one I consider the best, the Emmy-winning episode from season 3, “San Junipero.”

    Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that this is an episode that’s difficult to discuss without giving anything away. Yes, like The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror is a series that highly utilizes mystery elements and twist endings. And like Rod Serling’s show, Black Mirror does this expertly, particularly in this episode.

    The story takes place in the year 1987, in a city called San Junipero. We meet one of our two protagonists, a shy, twenty-something woman named Yorkie. One night, Yorkie goes to a club where she meets an outgoing party girl named Kelly.

    The two of them slowly form a bit of a romantic bond. The two main actresses here help create some great chemistry between the two protagonists, as well as portraying their individual character personalities in a way that makes them feel like real people.

    The episode’s director Owen Harris also does an impressive job with everything from the cinematography, giving us some nice-looking shots, to the use of music, everything from the episode’s original score to the use of preexisting songs to go along what’s happening in each moment in the episode.

    This is the kind of story where you get more out of it on a second viewing. You see, once you know the twist ending, you can notice a lot of clever hints at it throughout the story, the kind you likely wouldn’t notice the first time. On your first viewing, you’ll gain more of an understanding as you get closer to the ending. But you likely won’t fully get it until the last twenty minutes or so.

    And it’s definitely a great, clever twist. Like most episodes of this series, this one has a very original premise. I can’t really think of anything else out there like it. If you’re going to watch any episode of this show, this is definitely the one to check out.

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