When Robert De Niro was prepping to play Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, he spent his days at army barracks learning how to shoot a gun, or moonlighting as a cab driver in New York City. It’s one of several stories about the legendary actor going above and beyond to prove his dedication to the acting craft. He’s not the only one, either.

    Well, now we can add Ryan Reynolds to the list of method actors who underwent a drastic transformation while preparing for their best roles. In a new “Outside the Actors Studio” video, the actor revealed that he left his kids abandoned at their school because he was training for Detective Pikachu, where he plays the titular character. He was offered the role while on his way to pick the youngsters up one day, but due to becoming this important character, he was unable to adhere to his parental duties. You see, when Reynolds was in Pikachu mode, his family no longer existed because the Pokemon doesn’t have a wife and children to worry about. He has crimes to solve.

    Check out the illuminating video below:

    That was fascinating. Knowing that Reynolds was so committed to this role makes me even more excited to see this flick.

    Not everyone is in the same boat as I am, though. The method actor’s wife, Blake Lively, said she wouldn’t be making a trip to the theatre to support her husband’s latest masterwork because he bailed on his responsibilities as a father.

    Furthermore, she even criticised his uber serious transformation because he didn’t change his voice for the role. Her points were completely valid, but let’s bear in mind that he put his entire soul into embodying Pikachu. Therefore, it’s only natural that parts of him found their way into this mystery-solving iteration of Pikachu.

    In all seriousness, though, Reynolds’ self-deprecating approach to advertising his recent blockbusters make their promotional cycle as entertaining as the films. His viral in-character marketing campaign for the Deadpool movies was essential to their success, and without his efforts the first film probably wouldn’t have been made in the first place. The actor is a genius at using his comedy chops to sell his movies to the world. This parody video for Detective Pikachu will only bolster its appeal.

    Needless to say, we’re looking forward to Detective Pikachu here at TNC. The ridiculous premise alone had us sold from the get-go, but with Reynolds on board it’s destined to be a good time. This latest promotional effort has only garnered for good will towards the movie as well. More movie campaigns should poke fun at parents neglecting their children. Hollywood could learn a thing or two from Detective Pikachu in that regard.

    We don’t have long to wait until the great detective graces our screens. The movie hits theatres this May. In the meantime, please check out the trailer and be amazed at how such a movie actually exists. We don’t deserve this beautiful gift. Enjoy.

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