Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first Star Wars film not part of the sequential storyline we’ve been seeing since 1977, well, apart from the Ewoks films but I don’t think even an evil soulless moneymaking machine like Disney would go there…

    Rogue One is set just before the events of A New Hope as the Death Star is being constructed and Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones) is sent by the rebellion to find the plans for the new battle-station. Today saw a new trailer where more juicy plot details have been revealed.

    It seems that Erso’s father plays a role in designing/constructing the Death Star giving the story a more personal feel that previous trailers, which isn’t to say there’s no action, droids, and other Star Warsy stuff in this trailer; there’s loads of it from some lovely shots of the Death Star, X-Wing Fighters shooting at things and being shot it, and Darth Vader who looks like he plays a larger role than just a cameo in the film. Erso’s role it seems is to track down her father and find out what he’s doing with the Empire helping design the Death Star.

    Director Gareth Edwards makes it all look a bit grittier than any of the previous seven films so far which I hope doesn’t mean the film does a Zack Snyder and ‘goes dark’. Star Wars films shouldn’t be grim experiences that scar children for life but I did almost get a Braveheart feel mixed in with the Dirty Dozen framework (bunch of criminals thrown together to do something good) as Erso seems to be some sort of rebellion folk hero.

    All in all Rogue One looks different, yet familiar. It may well try to do something different in what will be the expanded Star Wars universe and we shall see when the film opens on the 16th of December in every cinema screen you can possibly think of.

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