It’s hard to believe that R.L. Stine would ever have any Goosebumps books rejected by his publisher. I mean, there are over 100 books in the series after all, with worldwide sales accumulating nearly half a billion. Why they’d ever turn down his genius creations is beyond us, but the world is weird sometimes.

    But whatever happened to those stories deemed to scary and controversial to publish? Well fear not, as R.L. Stine sat down with the hilarious folks over at Funny or Die to share the titles which never made it to our book shelves.

    I think Ghost Meth sounds like the type of story that would really scare kids off the crank. In fact, just by viewing the titles you can tell there are plenty of morality tales here which could have changed lives. On the other hand, The Police Killed Biggie and I Have Proof might have finally put to rest one of the biggest mysteries in hip hop to this day.

    We need more R.L. Stine in our lives. Let’s hope these unpublished manuscripts see the light of day in the near future and make this world a much better, even if spookier, place.



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