Part Heavy Metal (1981), part World War II action, part time travel comedy, with a very slight tinge of Cannibal Holocaust in the middle, this is the first issue of Revisionaries – a six issue comic miniseries written by Andrew Adams (Schismatic), with art by  Nico Sucio (Grid Runner, Tobias & Koodie). It follows a group of not-so-intelligent time travellers who come from the future  to kill Hitler during World War II, and the soldier they encounter and ask to guide them.

    Private First Class Malachi Ashkenazy is a soldier who gets by and gets commemorated through sheer luck. The bullets barely miss him and he saves people by just being in the right place at the right time; all in all he is not a war hero. Fortunately for him, when Malachi is taken prisoner by a Nazi troupe, a group of five time travellers show up just in the nick of time to save him and use him as their guide to find and kill the Fuhrer.

    Issue 1 of Revisionaries is a great introduction to this story. It’s written incredibly well with some witty humor and great satire on our present day lives with lines, such as “Thankfully, I’m trained in Google Maps” uttered by Dr. Mateo Portables. The characters are very much stereotypes: the quirky doctor, the small brained big muscled man, the half naked badass women, and more; but thankfully they are written with care and very fun and amusing characters to embark on a journey with.

    For me, though, the gratuitous violence is were the issue shines. Scarlet rips someone’s tongue out, a persons head practically implodes due to a black hole gun, or my favorite the Cannibal Holocaust inspired impalement with an American flag and pole through someones body neck through anus. It’s all bloody wonderful and I can’t wait to see what gory images they create in the next issues.

    I must comment on the art style though as it really is something. I don’t necessarily love the art, it’s not very pleasing to the eye, but Sucio still makes it look pretty great and it definitely grows on you. The expressions on all the characters are phenomenal and the character designs themselves are all great. I especially love the character we meet as the hook at the end of this issue. She’s drawn with the right amount of stature to convey the kind of power that she holds.

    My only real complaint about this first issue is the over-the-top sexy stereotyped way the women are drawn and portrayed. I don’t have too much against gratuitous boob shots and half naked or way too tight outfits, but I’d like them to be a little bit more purposeful or at least be a little balanced. We have three female characters who are drawn specifically to show off their bodies, yet only one male character (Dash Brockmire) like that. I’d like to see either more of a balance in future issues or at least a lot more character with the women to give them, and hopefully their outfits, more purpose within the story.

    The first start to Revisionaries is definitely a strong one. Its violence is wonderful, the writing funny and witty, and the art a little gross in the best way possible. I’m really excited to see where this story goes and what hijinks this group of “heroes” gets into. Hopefully we get to learn all about these people from the future along the way and with the humor and gore I expect their stories to be fun as hell with a successful mission in the most random way possible.

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