Endir and Setsuna from the Square Enix RPG

    As the dust settles around the controversial Nintendo Switch announcements last week, we are beginning to get a better grasp of what will be available to Nintendo Switch early adopters. Today is was announced that I am Setsuna, a Square Enix RPG that released last year on other consoles, will be a digital launch title for the Switch. This was given to us, like a hamster is given pieces of food through cage bars, at a Square Enix press conference earlier today. It was also revealed that an added multiplayer versus mode “Temporal Battle Arena” will allow players to use their own party from the game in versus style combat. This is a feature that could work really well for the Switch, since Nintendo’s vision for console gaming appears to be close quarters multiplayer when out on the go, I mean who doesn’t like sitting in the middle of a pharmacy making anime wizard girls fight each other?

    The aforementioned RPG is the product of a newly established studio known as Tokyo RPG Factory, which was assembled by Square Enix in order to revive the classic RPG genre on modern day consoles, which means that Square Enix likely see potential within the Switch to help them achieve their goal. Needless to say, we at That’s Not Current love a good Japanese RPG, so we are looking forward to see what other titles are going to make their way to the new transformer home console. (It’s ashame that it’s digital only though, damn technology)


    Phil Hayton
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