The new and highly anticipated console from Nintendo has been officially revealed by the company today. No longer called the “NX” and with a three minute video detailing what people can expect from it, the new Nintendo Switch is pegged to be launched in March 2017.

    In the announcement video someone is shown playing a variety of games both in the house and outside. Nintendo shows clips from the upcoming Zelda release as well as footage from Skyrim being played “on the go”. Interestingly the video shows the two games being played portably with no graphical or performance downgrade, so it would be safe to assume the Switch is a powerful machine in a small package, or there may be some streaming possibilities.

    The device itself is a smaller screen that connects to a dock that will be connected to your television. On the sides of the Switch there are two slots which the owner attaches two halves of the controller to. From this mode the owner can play games portably in a manner similar to the PS Plus or Nintendo DS. However, the Switch has a stand and the controller can be detached from the device allowing the owner to sit and play their game much like on a TV, as long as they have access to a platform to rest the Switch on.

    There will presumably be further updates from the company in the coming month but recent Nintendo marketing has been quite secretive so we may not here specifics for some time.

    Anyway, it would probably best you just watch the video yourselves:

    The Nintendo Switch is slated for release in March, 2017.

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