Four years ago, the Alamo Drafthouse celebrated five centuries of actor Nicolas Cage’s life and trials with a special event known as “CAGED.” To commemorate the actor’s monolithic filmography, the theater ran four hand-selected films in marathon format, including “Cage-inspired” snacks and surprises. The establishment continued this tradition, but this year, the necessity for an appearance by the “mega actor” was finally met and exceeded when he stepped in for a Q&A session.

    CAGED (or, as this iteration is stylized, “C4GED 4-EVER”) may have caught the whispers of the unofficial Nicolas Cage forums, but this year’s event has brought itself into the public by booking the Great One for an in-the-flesh appearance, as Facebook Live videos of the event reveal. You can watch the videos here and view the #c4ged hashtag on Twitter, but here are some of the highlights for those whose eyes will sooner be burnt out from staring into the brilliant light of the almighty Cagemeister himself:

    • Cage’s favorite film that he’s worked on.
    • Singing “Happy Birthday” to him.
    • A script that he’s turned down.
    • His influences (some you may not expect!)
    • His particularly spot-on impression of David Lynch.
    • His drink of choice.
    • His favorite places to visit.
    • A reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”
    • His charming laughter as a chorus of people call him “Nicky.”
    • His amazing wardrobe.
    • His face.
    • Him.

    While the Alamo Drafthouse cites that this CAGED event may be the last one, it is a conclusion fitting of the king himself: it’s larger than life, outside the box, and completely uncaged.

    What are your favorite Nicolas Cage movies (aside from ALL OF THEM, obviously?) Do you have your tickets booked for next year’s potential event? HOW’D IT GET BURNED?!

    John Farrell
    Friend of gamers, roleplayers, and audiophiles, John (Jack) is a screenwriter based out of the US of A. He has done work with GameChops, an electronic/chiptune music label, and is working on two animated series with his friends.

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