Halloween hasn’t always been my favorite holiday but this year Fun Size Horror and Hellraiser creator, Clive Barker, are sweetening the pot with a contest that is the stuff of dreams for fans of Barker’s paintings. Art Inspires Stories starts on October 24th and runs until midnight on October 29th. It’s a week during which Twitter users can Tweet out original story ideas inspired by Barker’s artwork for the chance to win one fantastic prize pack:

    • a signed Clive Barker print
    • a signed copy of his book, Imaginer Volume 3
    • your winning Tweet being transformed into a script by Fun Size Horror and Seraphim Films (Clive Barker’s production company)

    There’s only one winner, but anyone can enter as many times as they want within the contest period. That means, beyond having more chances to win, there’s no pressure to come up with that perfect opener but rather follow your imagination wherever fun places it takes you.


    While the exact pictures for the contest will be announced on the 24th, start brainstorming early by heading to www.realclivebarker.com for examples of Barker’s paintings (this one is a print of my favorite Abarat character, John Mischief).

    From his books to his films, art and writing have been inseparable across Clive Barker’s career. It’s why this contest feels so fitting, as an extension of Barker’s creative process. Growing up with The Books of Abarat was to escape into a world where every hour had a different island, and siblings could reside on their head brother’s antlers. His paintings were a defining part of the series’ original publication, created first, before the texts were written and making hardcover editions of the book essential from the artless new paperbacks.

    Win or lose, hundreds of budding authors are going to look to this contest as a writing prompt to generate fiction that might have never been written otherwise. The possibilities are incredible and I don’t know which to look forward to more, participating or reading others’ entries once they start coming in.

    For more details and guidelines [all Tweets in the contest must be tagged to @FunSizeHorror and @RealCliveBarker], check out the full announcement on the Fun Size Horror web-site, and be sure to follow their Twitter accounts, for news as the contest gets closer.


    Rachel Bellwoar
    Fueled by Coca Cola ICEEs, Rachel Bellwoar collects TV seasons, reads comics, and tries to put her enthusiasm into words. She also shares the same initials (and first name) as Emmy winner, Rachel Bloom. If that brings her one step closer to being a triceratops in a ballet (please watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), she'll take it. Contact: rachel.bellwoar@thatsnotcurrent.com

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