There’s a scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where our superhero chums are hanging out at a party after a job well done. It’s only a small part of the movie, but it’s illuminating. During these brief moments, we’re reminded that in between saving the world, these mighty crusaders are buddies who like to laugh. It’s a highlight of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that offers a world of hypothetical creative possibilities.

    That hilarious hangout scene also wouldn’t seem out of place in a sitcom like Friends. Think about it: a tight-knit group of superheroes socializing and poking fun at each other isn’t all that different to Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe’s own experiences in Central Perk. Sure, the Friends gang didn’t get to tug on Thor’s mighty hammer, but they had their own unique quirks. Every group has its own thing.

    Admittedly, I hadn’t considered the similarities between Avengers and Friends until I watched this video by Youtuber Héctor Moreno Ferrando. He’s reimagined the intro to the popular comedy show as a sitcom dedicated to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and it works. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

    Makes sense, right? Who doesn’t want to see that show now? Anyone who doesn’t clearly had their funny bone removed. I’m not here to judge, though. Everyone should live their own truth.

    This isn’t the first time that some genius has tried to bring that sitcom vibe to the Avengers, either. A Youtuber who goes by the name Zach Ace previously gave the MCU’s flagship team a Full House twist.

    This is pure artistry. By using footage from the movies and gag reels, Mr. Ace was able to create a video that boasts uncanny similarities to the opening credits of the sitcom it’s aping. There’s even a comparison video which shows both versions at the same time.

    If Disney decides to give the Avengers a late 80s, early ’90s sitcom makeover treatment, then maybe they could bring in the X-Men to join the Avengers and call the show Full House of M. I don’t know how that would work, but Disney and Marvel pay some very talented people millions of dollars to come up with great ideas. Let them figure it out.

    If those videos aren’t enough to convince you that Marvel should give its roster their own sitcoms, perhaps third time will be the charm. Zach Ace also provided the opening credits for a Luke Cage sitcom in the style of Family Matters. It’s fantastic.

    Ace disappeared from Youtube shortly after these videos, but his contributions to the world made a big impression. It’s clear that he has a specific vision for what superhero entertainment could become someday. We’ve already been treated to massive action blockbusters and gritty R-rated shows that take place in the MCU. It’s time for some evolution, and sitcoms seem like a natural progression for Marvel’s heroes.

    We’ve seen superheroes save the world countless times. Let’s focus on their everyday friendships, dating woes, and family lives now. The future of Guardians of the Galaxy is up in the air as a result of James Gunn’s firing. Instead of a potentially inferior third movie, how about giving them a space-set sitcom in the style of The Jetsons? There’s a world of possibilities out there. I urge Disney to consider exploring that world.

    Kieran Fisher
    A loyal friend of dogs and a fan of action movies, giant monsters, and Riverdale. For some reason, he co-owns this site you're reading. Email: kieran@thatsnotcurrent.com.

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