If you know me, you know I’m a fan of Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson. So much so, I was so fortunate enough to interview him for this site. You can read that here, but then come right back here and read the rest of this article. Okay, you’re back? Good. Where was I? Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson. One of the best kickboxers in the history of the sport, is also one of the most fun action film stars to grace the silver screen. He’s also one of the most humble men around and now he has a new film that is live now over at IndieGoGo.

    It’s the sequel to The Martial Arts Kid, a film I reviewed back in 2016, and if you remember (or read it now), I dug that film a bit. An anti-bully story ala The Karate Kid, Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock were a husband and wife and T.J. Storm was also in it. It had some fun fight scenes and I was also impressed with Jansen Panettiere who played their nephew. After I had finished it, I was hoping they’d come back to revisit the world of Cocoa Beach and what other martial arts hijinks they could all get into.

    So I was happy when I was informed that they are making a sequel which promises it ‘will be bigger, with a larger cast, more locations, greater action, and a lot more danger.’ You definitely have my intention there. I also see Sasha Mitchell is a featured cast member for this installment, which already has me excited because not only did I grow up watching him as Cody Lambert on Step By Step, but also the Kickboxer sequels I love to death. Tough guy great Chuck Zito is returning and I also see Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace is coming on board as well, which is exciting because I haven’t seen him in a film since the ’80s. Some new faces, such as Brandon Tyler Russell and Matthew Ziff, are also starring and if they are like Panettiere, then I’m intrigued.

    They have a ton of awesome perks already on the site, including Blu-rays of the film, signed blus and other memorabilia by stars Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock, cool swag like t-shirts and hats from the film and the production company Traditionz, signed autographed photos of Sasha Mitchell and T.J. Storm, invites to the premiere in Los Angeles and New York and to the after party, seats at the premieres with both Cynthia Rothrock and Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson and for the more advanced crowdfunder, you can even become a producer on the film and/or have an extra or speaking role in the film.

    I love what they are trying to do with this film which is basically what they did with the last one. Making it themselves and making it happen, not being tied down to the usual Hollywood hoopla that sometimes ruins smaller films from ever coming out. Putting out a positive message in a film is a tough endeavor, especially in the action world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of films like John Wick/ John Wick 2 and the Fast and the Furious films, but sometimes you need something more at home and not as ridiculous. I must have gotten older because I wouldn’t have said those words 5 years ago. So let’s get this movie made and make sure it’s as big and awesome as it’s shaping up to be.

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