25 years ago, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, the third game in the Zelda series, was released in Japan on Super Nintendo to huge critical and commercial acclaim.  Where time went, we do not know…

    The story centres on a young Link who must save the seven descendants of the Seven Ages after Agahnim, an evil wizard who has set forth a chain of events to unleash Ganon. With the looming threat of the Dark World spilling over into the land of Hyrule, Link must venture between both worlds rescuing the descendants from their captivity before ultimately facing Agahnim and Ganon.

    These days, the Zelda franchise is one of the most recognisable and beloved in all of gaming, A Link to the Past was a trailblazer as it cemented many of the game structures that have become a staple in gaming since – and not just of Zelda games, but of Western RPG’s as a whole. The dual-world concept of Hyrule and its Dark counterpart was innovative at the time, and the combination of puzzle solving and action has been commonplace in adventure games since. But most importantly, it provided us with hours of entertainment – and for a lot of us, it still does.

    So ultimately, if you remember playing A Link To The Past as a kid… you got  old. So how about going back and drowning out the inevitable entropy and decay that is your life by playing it again?

    These days, you can buy digital copies for the Wii U or 3DS via the Virtual Console stores if you want to relive the adventure without dusting off old consoles. That said, nothing beats playing games they way they were originally intended to be played either.


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