This week Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to the hit 2014 game came in second on the UK chart website Chart Track, behind Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

    According to Chart Track, a close battle between the two competitors was close Watch Dogs 2 only narrowly missed out on the number one spot.

    Some leaked statistic on Neogaf state that, in this its third week, Infinite Warfare had was sitting on around 80,000 sales and Watch Dogs 2 was close to it. By comparison, the original Watch Dogs sold 380,000 copies in its opening week, marking quite a significant decline in sales compared to its predecessor.

    However, Call of Duty also saw a significant decrease in sales in with the latest instalment.  In its first week Infinite Warfare’s sales were down 48% compared to Black Ops 3.

    Whatever the reasons may be, big titles aren’t performing as well as they used to this year but could the considered disappointment of Watch Dogs be the reason for such a lack of enthusiasm for its sequel?

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