Legendary director, producer, and composer John Carpenter (Halloween [1978], The Thing [1982], They Live [1988], Village of the Damned [1995], to name only a few) aches the way we ache. In a Facebook post to his official page, John Carpenter announced that he has felt these pangs of wanting from his fans, and wants to share that relief is on the way. Here is the post:

    The two people who he has enlisted in this revolution, writer/director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express [2007], Goat [2016]) and actor/writer Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down [2009-2013], Pineapple Express [2007]) have proven to be effective in the field of comedy, and may usher in a refreshing perspective in horror by introducing a necessary sense of gallows humor and levity that the dour, triple-A shockbusters seem to forgotten in favor of modern and formulaic scares. John Carpenter will remain, as stated in his post, on the team as an executive producer, and teased the possibility of heading back to the studio to produce the score. It would be his first public music work since his album Lost Themes II (2016).

    On top of all that, he gave us a date. Not a month, not a season, not a year: a date.

    We’re counting down the days to see what John Carpenter’s revolution will bring, and what brilliance may come to a franchise that’s always been peering around the hallway to scare us again.

    John Farrell
    Friend of gamers, roleplayers, and audiophiles, John (Jack) is a screenwriter based out of the US of A. He has done work with GameChops, an electronic/chiptune music label, and is working on two animated series with his friends.

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