The Outer Worlds is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) that was released for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4 on the 25th of October 2019. This interesting game is an open-world shooter that is set up in a corporate-run colony at the edge of a galaxy known as the halcyon.

    How is the Outer Worlds played?

    For you to play this game you will need to embark on a character creation process before you set foot on the halcyon. During the character creation process, you will need to learn the Outer Worlds Attributes and skills. The skills and attributes are interconnected and it’s always very important that you get them right the first time.

    There are six attributes in total and they are divided into three categories which are; Body (strength and dexterity) Personality (charm and temperament) and mind (intelligence and perception.) all these attributes begin on the average mode but you can be pushed down to below average or you can be pushed up to good, high or very high.

    In order to succeed in this game, you must read everything very carefully. Take time to go through each attribute so that you are sure of what it does. Invest some of your points into a skill to see what changes before you undo it.

    Here are a few tips for playing the outer worlds for the first time.

    1. Explore Everywhere but Within Reason

    Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind the Outer Worlds made the decision to create many smaller maps rather than one big one so that the player will have just enough space to explore. As a new player you are free to explore everywhere but be sure to check your enthusiasm. Don’t be in a rush to run off into the wilderness as the enemies could find you and knock you down in just a few hits.

    1. Find A Companion And Share Your Journey

    If you stay on track instead of wandering into the wilds after you have been let loose to roam you will soon be introduced to your first companion who goes by the name Parvati Holcomb. In Edgewater, Cannery Parvati will give you some insights into the town and surroundings which will be good for you. Non-player companions also have tangible gameplay benefits such as special attacks; therefore, don’t be afraid to share your journey with them.

    1. Eat and Drink To Give Yourself A Boost

    The Outer Worlds is set up in a society that is controlled by different brands. There are many versions of each kind of consumables. Don’t be afraid to eat, drink and have fun. Just make sure that you have memorized the effects that consumable will have based on its type. For example, a caffeinated drink will raise your mind related skills so make sure you grab a Trip Teaz when you need some hacking skills. If you want to raise your dialogue skills get yourself an alcoholic drink and if you need to raise your body related skills, you can have a sugary drink.

    1. Manage Your Inventory the Best Way

    When playing the Outer Worlds for the first time avoid carrying a heavy load to avoid being encumbered. You can always sell some of the items you don’t need and a workbench will help you decide which things to breakdown and which ones you should sell.

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