Anyone who knows me knows I love a female character. Whether it’s with regards to anime, movies or video games, 99.9% of the time I’ll put a lady down as my favourite. Last time I had a look at a handful of my favourite girls in anime and in case the title wasn’t obvious enough, this time I’ll be looking at some of my most cherished gals in gaming. Don’t expect to see Lara Croft, Samus Arun or Jill Valentine on this list. ‘Why?’ You ask. Well we already know they’re fantastic, that much should be obvious. In this instance, I’ll be looking at ladies that are slightly overlooked from the obvious choices but are as every bit as honourable. FYI: SPOILERS AHOY.

    Tess (The Last of Us 2013)

    “I will not turn into one of those things. Come on, make this easy for me.”

    If you’ve not played The Last of Us, then honestly you should probably start questioning your existence. Despite being released a mere four years ago, it’s instantly become one of the most popular and well-respected games to come out in recent years. It’s story and more importantly, its characters, captured the hearts of gamers all over the globe and the relationship shared with Joel and Ellie was hard to forget. As great as their performances were, the one delivered by Tess, Joel’s female counter part that survived alongside him after the world fell to shit is up there with the two main protagonist’s. Not much is known about Tess’ background but we know she’s tougher than some of the levels in Super Monkey Ball and a force to be reckoned with making her premature exit even more heartbreaking, no matter how honourable her death was in the end. We know Naughty Dog’s casting is of a high standard and Annie Wersching’s performance is stellar and proves to be one of the strongest actresses featured in video games to date.

    Midna (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 2006)

    “What? Say something. Am I so beautiful you have no words left?”

    Next up is Link’s cheeky companion and the Twilight Princess herself, Midna. I loved Midna from the start with her sarcastic, dark sense of humour and unintelligible cute voice that bosses you around and she fit the bill perfectly for the dark path Nintendo went down with Twilight Princess. Unlike Fi and Navi, Midna was pretty useful in Link’s journey to defeating Ganondorf and Zant in order to help both Zelda and Midna reclaim their respective kingdoms. The most satisfying part of the game is near its climax where you get to see her in her beautiful true form after the curse from Zant is lifted only to have the player and Link’s hearts broken into a thousand pieces just like the Mirror of Twilight. Why Midna, WHY? Will she make a canonic appearance in any future Zelda titles? Probably not but she’ll forever be in my heart regardless.

    Rubi Malone (WET 2009)

    “You should have stopped at ‘I can’t feel my legs.'”

    I’d be lying if I said Bethesda’s hack and slasher was a masterpiece but it certainly had the foundations of what could have been a great game. The soundtrack was fab and there was loads of swearing and blood which was great but it’s overwhelmingly repetitive gameplay and bland storyline let it down. Which is a real shame because some of the characters were really interesting, my highlight being our main protag, Rubi, a ‘problem fixer’ who gets screwed over with the wrong people and goes on a rampage to seek revenge. Think of it as ‘Kill Bill: The Videogame‘. Not only is Rubi a complete samurai swinging, revolver wielding babe but it’s small quirks in her personality like her fear of flying impaling bad guys in the sack that make me love her even more.

    Fran (Final Fantasy XII 2006)

    “The Gods do not smile on us.”

    Final Fantasy XII was the first I played in the series and although it’s maybe not as well loved as it’s predecessors, it got me hooked. No surprise here when I say Fran and Bathier were my favourite characters and make a great duo throughout the course of the game. Fran is cool, calm and collected (apart from that one part where The Mist made her flip the fuck out). As well as her poised personality, she’s a head turner, not only in the sense of her whimsical furry dominatrix appearance but also due to the fact she practically abandoned her people in order to follow a life outside The Wood and use her power and wisdom to partner up with fellow Sky Pirate Bathier. Visiting Eruyt Village was one of many highlights for me in the whole game and the interactions she shares with the other characters be it sassy, informative or caring are all great.

    All the ladies (Overwatch 2016)

    “You know, the world could always use more heroes.” 

    I got into the Overwatch hype pretty late on, in fact only a couple months ago and trust me when I say it lives up to the excitement. I never thought I would see myself playing an online shooter, ever, and yet here I am playing it almost every day. The biggest factor to Overwatch is the teamwork and of course, the diversity of its characters; all of whom are unique and distinguishable. The girls are a highlight for me because not only are they all very attractive but their strong personalities, quirks and abilities make them stand out individually. There’s something for everyone from cuties like D.Va and Mei to hard asses like Zarya and Widowmaker. Be sure to check out the animated shorts if you want a taste for some of the characters, they’re really quite entertaining.

    There are plenty of other respected females out there in the world of video games that I haven’t spoken about today so let me know who some of your favourites among the ladies below and if you don’t think girls are great well then, see a doctor.

    Kirstie Mckeen

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