This innovative mod transforms your boring Switch dock into a momumental tribute to the legendary Gamecube.

    We’re all about retro game console preservation here at That’s Not Current, but what about those consoles that are completely unsalvagable and ready for the trash? Well Youtuber Rated-e Mods has the perfect idea for repurposing old Nintendo Gamecubes: coverting it’s dead carcus into a Nintendo Switch dock that has fully functionable controller ports!

    Once again, we must reiterate, do not do this to a perfectly functioning Gamecube, or we’ll tell your parents. They’ll be upset and world will have one less Gamecube, you wouldn’t want that, would you? The special thing about this mod is that the Cube’s LED power light and controller ports function with the Nintendo Switch via an integrated USB Wii U adapter (You know, the one that was rarer than an honest politician when Smash Bros U came out).

    Recycling at it’s best! No living Gamecubes were harmed in this video.

    The great thing about this project is that Rated-e Mods simply repurpose old leftover Gamecube shells, rather than butchering a console that could be repaired. The dock components are also repurposed within this mod, which means the Switch has the original charging and display output functionaly that the console came out the box with. This video provides a comprehensive tutorial on how this unique Switch dock was created, so if you’ve got a bit of time and patience, why not give it a go!

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    Phil Hayton
    A lover of old video games, dogs and tea. Creator of the video series 'Through The Techades' and something of a history geek.

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