You might have heard that that the lovely folks at Gun Media managed to successfully kick start the development of the Friday 13th game that we all deserve. Well if you’re as excited as we are, then you’ll probably want to see this new trailer for the upcoming slasher film-cum-video game. We must warn you that this trailer contains some pretty brutal violence and is probably best suited to those of you who actually like to see Jason win, since he literally kills his competitors.

    The trailer launched at PAX West in Seattle on Friday 2nd of September and displays various creative ways to dispose of pesky teenagers. The game will feature two modes of game play, one of which has you in the skeakers of a group of American teens trying to survive the wrath of our hockey masked murderer, white the second mode will transform us into the machete wielding immortal himself. Interestingly enough, the game is also multiplayer, which perhaps means the game will follow the same format as the Left 4 Dead series, which could prove to be a great combination. From what we can see of the game already, it isn’t going to hold back on the brutality and style that made the original film such a hit. What’s also promising is that the team creating the game are all huge fans of the films, have a great deal of experience and they also have Kane Hodder himself on board as a motion capture actor – now that’s authentic.

    The game is set to release on October 2016 and we are super excited about it here at That’s Not Current. We can’t wait to go on a lovely trip to Camp Crystal Lake, we can almost hear the soothing sound of screams.


    Phil Hayton
    A lover of old video games, dogs and tea. Creator of the video series 'Through The Techades' and something of a history geek.

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