Having never played a Monster Hunter game before I was a little bit indecisive in buying Monster Hunter World for PS4 but, after watching some online game play videos, reading up on some the older games in the series and a strong recommendation from a friend who says the fighting mechanic’s are similar to those of Dark Soul’s, I thought I’d give it a go. After recently passing the 100 hours mark I can assure you that it was money well spent.

    When I first started playing the game I had that familiar feeling you get when you dive into a game series after not playing the previous entries, trepidation, confusion and maybe that you’d made a mistake. It happened with the Witcher 3 and with Final Fantasy 15, but, similar to those two fantastic games, I was soon obsessed and very much in love with Monster Hunter World. What a game.

    The story isn’t really important in this type of game but trust me, that doesn’t make any difference. You’re on a boat with a group of hunters, going to a new world to hunt monsters and you have a small cat that helps you in your hunts. Pretty much all you need to know. The title of the game pretty much nails it on the head. It’s a world where you prepare to hunt monsters, hunt monsters and carve them up for supplies. What could go wrong.

    As for game play itself, it really doesn’t do any wrong. Choose from a myriad of weapons including dual blades, hammers, long swords, gun lances, bows, bagpipes etc, and head out into the world and hunt monsters. That is basically the standard process for the whole game. You start off fighting low rank monsters, eating meals for perk bonuses and going on expeditions to find campsites until the story progresses and then you get to the wonderful world of high rank, where the monster hunting fun really begins. The fight mechanic’s and controls themselves are easy enough once you get the hang of whatever weapon you choose.

    Taking on a host of varied monsters from the fire breathing, T-rex styled Anjanath to the random, the bomb/scale dropping randomly appearing out of nowhere madness of the Bazelguese to the intense Elder Dragon end bosses, there really is a lot of fun, and different monsters to keep you occupied.

    And occupied you will be as the whole point of them game centers around killing these creatures and scavenging items from them to further upgrade your weapons and armour. It really surprises me thinking how obsessed with this process I became. Grinding the same boss over and over to get on small crafting piece to then not needing it because I wanted another weapon later on. It’s mad but totally worthwhile.

    One thing i missed out on which I think would make this game even more fantastic would be having a person to co-op play with, not that you’ll ever be alone. With an S.O.S flare system to invite people into you’re game or to join their game and random question drop in, you’ll never be forced to solo if you don’t want to. As long worth stating that I have had zero issues with servers when playing, it really is a well oiled machine for killing monsters.

    I honestly couldn’t recommend this game enough, it shows how good it is with me reaching 100 hours and still not feeling bored or wanting to change games. Keeping things fresh with Monster Hunting events and new free dlc bosses, Capcom really has a winner of a game here.

    My only two issues with the game are that they’re, so far, is only one absolutely gigantic, shadow of the colossus size monster, the varied selection of monsters do offer some giants but I want that over top massive monster, always something I’ve enjoyed in gaming.

    The other issue is that whilst playing, my playstation sounds like Optimus Prime doing a massive shit but that’s not anything to blame game for, it’s my fault for being too cheap to buy a newer PS4 or properly clean it.

    Can’t recommend this game enough, when you get right into it, it’s doesn’t even feel like a game, it’s like an event, and yes that is rather clichéd but it’s true.

    It takes over your life and makes ye want to hunt and kill monsters all the time. Plus they made it so you’re small cat assistant can look like a mini MegaMan. That’s worth the cost right there. Plus the game has been a huge success and incredibly well received to Capcom are only going to keep adding to it. This is a real, full on, must have game for any serious gamers collection.

    Barry Carlin
    Favourite: TV Series - The Wire. Film - Inception. Book - Catch 22/Fight Club. Game - Bloodborne, Borderlands 2 or Fallout New Vegas (Can't Decide). Comic Book Series - Old Man Logan or Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

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