Two strangers (yet inexplicably they are neighbors) awake as if from a dream after a traumatic bus accident to find themselves the only people left in the small town they inhabit. As the duo set out to try and deduce just what in the ever-loving fart is happening to them, they encounter a roiling black miasma surrounding the town that is edging ever forward. As the days pass, our protagonists glimpse echoes of the former populace that appear like memories and hear arcane audio in the form of strange broadcasts before finally deciding to enter the encroaching cloud. Once inside that inky veil they discover a bizarre realm that is home to a deadly creature; a creature that follows them back through the curtain with bitey results…but there’s more on this picture’s mind than creature feature hijinkery as we learn just how deeply our heroes are connected.

    Man oh man, where in the F did After come from? This one took my bony ass completely by surprise my creeps! Packed to the beastly brim with fascinating concepts, strong acting, solid effects work, and a great visual flair, this flick really delivers for lovers of fever dream logic and dark fairy tale aesthetics! It’s a top shelf production across the board and is sure to please any fan of the survival horror genre of video games.

    As for the negative aspects…umm; there really weren’t any. I guess the creature could have been a full on suit instead of CG…but the damn design is so cool I didn’t even mind (and as you will come to find as you read more and more of my reviews…and you will read them, oh yes…YOU WILL…where the hell was I? Oh yeah; CG and me mix like dog shit and dinner rolls, so for me to say I was impressed by a computer generated beastie you can bet your sweet arse that is saying something)!

    As for extras on this bad boy you get…well, nothing. So I guess that’s a negative as well…would have loved a commentary on this flick to hear how the film makers pulled of such an impressive release with a smaller scale budget.

    To put a cap on it; After is like the result of an unholy tryst between Guillermo Del Toro, Silent Hill, and The Twilight Zone; it’s a smart, atmospheric, and most importantly entertaining entry in our beloved horror biz, and it deserves to be seen. Highly recommended!


    Daniel XIII
    Daniel XIII; the result of an arcane ritual involving a King Diamond album, a box of Count Chocula, and a copy of Swank magazine, is a screenwriter, actor, artist, and reviewer of fright flicks…Who hates ya baby?

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