This was the first birthday I didn’t have a huge group of friends over to watch movies with. Don’t mourn for me, it’s okay. It’s just been a weird year and I’m hoping next year it will be back to playing movies, trailers and weird commercials/skits from public access shows I love to show to unsuspecting friends. But it had me thinking about if I was to have my own movie theater where I could showcase double features (*cough cough* Alamo Drafthouse NYC, Nitehawk, Metrograph, The Quad, The Roxy, Spectacle, etc… *cough cough*), that I would try to present some amazing and fun (or sometimes not so fun, depending on the subject matter) double features for a good price and to have the best available prints around for people to enjoy. So this series will be something for everyone to dive into and to bring upon their own double features that either they’ve shown to friends or ones they wish to bring upon to the world around us.

    First up is the Andy Sidaris classic, Hard Ticket To Hawaii.

    I don’t even want to say too much about this film. People have seen certain clips from this film, like the bazooka blowing up a skateboarder or the razor blade frisbee used to dispatch an evil henchman. That’s just a bit of what makes this film WTF-mazing. (my own word, trademarked). If you’ve never seen an Andy Sidaris film, they’re all basically the same. Men with tough tits and big guns and women with the same go around in skimpy clothes, making out with one another and fighting crime lords and ninjas and the like, sometimes a radioactive snake is there, but ultimately it’s pure beefcake cheese, which makes sense from the man who brought upon the Monday Night Football aesthetic. I absolutely love this film and I don’t ever think of it as a ‘bad’ movie or a b-movie. It’s an A-movie to me, because not only myself but everyone I’ve shown it to has fallen in love and spread the word of Sidaris.

    Next up is the John Stamos ‘James Bond’-lite film, Never Too Young To Die.

    Also starring the beautiful Vanity, it also stands out by having one of the most amazingly over the top villains ever in cinema, Ragnar, played by one of the most over the top people in the history of anything, Gene Simmons. It’s a sight to behold and one that when I first saw it about a decade ago, I had to watch it again to make sure I didn’t hallucinate the whole thing after a night of drinking heavily. I didn’t. It’s actually crazier than I had remembered when watching it sober, but it’s definitely a film to watch with a group of friends while having a fun time. But then again, playing it at a film night a bit ago, everyone sat and shut up while watching it, which shows the power of young John Stamos doing gymnastics while fighting a hermaphrodite super villain (again, played by Gene Simmons). There’s a twist that’s not even a twist in this film that is one to truly fall in love with.

    So please, let us know what double features you have played for friends or wish you could present to the film going world. We would love to hear from you all. And if you haven’t seen these two films before and decide to use it as a double feature party, please let us know as well. We would love to see pictures of the festivities.

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