Critters: A New Binge is something that the Critters fandom (yes, I assure you it still exists) has been waiting for with baited breath. For a long time, its future was uncertain. It was announced as one of several streaming series for Verizon’s Go90 streaming service, which went under before it even launched, leaving the fate of the already-filmed Critters series up in the air. When SyFy announced last year that it would be making its own Critters sequels exclusively for its network, the fate of the completed web-series seemed even more uncertain than ever. Some terrific shots of the creature effects were shared on Facebook and people got even more excited, despite having no idea when or even if it would air.

    Now, the Crite is out of the bag. In a move I can’t believe I didn’t see coming, Critters: A New Binge has been picked up by Shudder and will air in March in under a month’s time. The announcement came complete with a trailer, and having seen it, Critters: A New Binge is the only Earthly pleasure I need. Critters: A New Binge is all I care about now.

    Critters: A New Binge is life. There are other things in the world, I’m not blind to that, but those things are not Critters: A New Binge coming to Shudder March 21st.

    Critters was my introductory horror franchise as a kid, largely because none of the entries were rated R, so it’s always meant something to me and by the time I discovered it, all four entries were already out. I’ve never had new Critters to look forward to until now. This is a franchise full of weird furry monster mayhem, as well as tragic character arcs and betrayal, and I’m here for all of it.

    The world is boiling over, my friends. We’re all dinosaurs who can feel the asteroid in the air but before our inevitable self-made extinction, we’ll have Critters: A New Binge coming to Shudder March 21st.

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