Sky Doll: Sudra #2 is the final issue of the planet Sudra chapter in the Sky Doll series. Continuing from issue #1, it’s time to find out why Noa is plagued with visions, who she is, and why she has miraculous powers. Without further ado, let’s get into the review.

    The comic opens with a wide view over the circus bustling with boats, blimps and people. A panel without words displays how big this event is for the planet. As we are given a closer look we see an excited Cleo, who is debuting in the circus, and a not so excited Jahu, who doesn’t appear to be too thrilled at everything being so overpriced. Cleo and Yhala point out that Roy and Noa aren’t at the circus, which provides a good story flow for switching over to Roy, who wakes up in a panic about being late to the circus. That is, until he realises Noa isn’t in the room with him anymore, prompting an immediate search for her. The search begins with him asking for help, from whom, you may wonder? Well, it’s the two kids at the beginning of the first issue, a nice little nod to their opening of the Sudra chapter, as they were the first to search for Noa originally. Everything has come around again.

    We are returned to the events of the circus, which delve deeper into Jahu’s relationships of the past (and by relationships, I mean he was married and his wife disappeared). Only now does he find out she died doing the very same thing Cleo is about to attempt, in the very same circus. Foreshadowing, maybe? Finally, it’s time to check in on what Noa’s activities of the day are, but before that we are treated to a very amusing scene of Roy struggling to keep up with the kids as they leap over rooftops towards the circus. Despite seeming so spry and fit, he should work on his stamina more!

    Noa appears to be searching the river forest for something, until her activities are halted by a giant, alien cat creature trying to eat her. As she is being chased it’s short and quick panels. Just before the creature strikes, the comics flow is brought to a screeching halt as it suddenly, and mysteriously, bows to Noa’s command, further deepening the mystery of Noa’s powers. The entire scene flows incredibly well throughout each panel. It really feels like an intense scene that is suddenly interrupted by an almost godly power.

    After this moment, the story takes a massive turn of tragedy and answers as The Doll Maker and Noa finally meet, and Cleo’s performance stops the show. The Doll Maker reveals why he created Noa and why she harbours mysterious powers. The reason for her existence I won’t put in this review but it’s truly exciting. Although it answers so much, it leaves the reader with so many questions yet to be answered about Noa herself. The scene is accompanied by moments of unexpected brutality and intensity. In an otherwise bright and fun comic, it’s contrasts such as these that make this set of pages stick out as the most powerful moment of the comic. It becomes even more memorable when it’s discovered that Noa has lost her miraculous powers at possibly the worst time. The ending leaves us with a genuine worry for the characters, as Noa prepares to leave Sudra with Roy to planet 10, the only place Noa can get her powers back. We’re left speculating on what awaits on planet 10, as the answers are likely in the next chapter of the series.

    The story and writing of Sky Doll: Sudra has been nothing less than exceptional; it’s contrasting elements of bright, fun moments and dark, tragic moments are very well timed. The comic is filled with suspense, as the reader never knows when those happy moments are about to be shattered. The characters all have strong personalities that have only been built upon more and more through the two issues as the story progresses. As the story wraps up in this issue the reader is left with no remaining questions relating to the world of Sudra. It ties it all up in a nice, little package, with no annoyances. Yet the end of the planet Sudra story-line is not a happy one. The depressing end leaves the reader with a weight and uncertainty on whether everything is going to be okay.

    If you have read my review of issue #1 you’ll know that I love the art of this comic. The use of bright colours, the detailed environments and amazingly designed characters are nothing short of spectacular. It’s all so gorgeous to look at and provides a truly alien tone to the planet, Sudra. The artwork within the pages of these two issues has a lot of love and effort put into them and it shows. The comic’s art truly is flawless.

    Daniel Kilmurray
    Lifelong nerd, lover of comics, games, Dungeons and Dragons and many other tabletop games. An avid writer and game design student, getting through each day with a cup of coffee and a controller in hand.

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