As we come to the last issue of Alterna Comics’ Mr. Crypt, a short in memoriam to the adventures we’ve had. Since starting out as a 1930’s domestic drama back in August, Mr. Crypt embraced its horror roots in October’s Mr. Crypt and the Vampire Menace, and parts with a bon voyage vacation for our favorite walking skeleton.

    Heading out to work, Mr. Crypt finds a letter from the mayor on his doorstep. Enclosed with a ticket for a free trip, Mr. Crypt’s not about to look a suspicious gift horse in the mouth. A beat of situation humor later (Mr. Crypt smiling out the window to the view of the sunshine over the graveyard: “I can’t wait to start my vacation!”) and he’s off to board the ship.

    But first, a wardrobe change. A jacket and top hat would be swank attire for visiting an island but Baron Rat understands that travel comes with certain responsibilities. He soon sets Mr. Crypt up with the appropriate tourist garb of choice: flowery orange Hawaiian shirt; barber shop quartet hat.

    It’s not until after the boat sets off that Mr. Crypt realizes his precautions to blend in may have been in vain. There’s nobody else on board. Suspicious letter, suspicious ghost ship. What has our hero gotten himself into?

    Fortunately, it’s not as bad as that lead-up sounds, but there’s plenty of danger and near death ahead as Mr. Crypt meets the journey’s real organizer, Mr. Candlewax. Dressed in a severe, Napoleon suit, with Napoleon’s stature as well (he must not have had his rat best friend help with the wardrobe decisions), Mr. Candlewax has gathered this crew-of-one to steal a priceless treasure from the island locals. He would’ve welcomed more participants but Mr. Crypt’s the only one who showed up. Roped into an imperialistic scheme, Mr. Crypt’s getting his money’s worth when it comes to R&R but will he get a round trip?

    Troy Vevasis writes Mr. Crypt into his craziest adventure yet, and I ask you to point to a more P.O.’d skeleton than the one that is drenched through in Aleksandar Jovic’s art. They outdo themselves with Mr. Crypt’s last, and greatest, disguise.

    However, remembering all of those angry mobs, and how tough it was for Mr. Crypt to settle down, it’s an early sighting of yellow flowers outside his house that does me in. Mr. Crypt has a home. He has a home to vacation from, a home to return to, if he survives Mr. Candlewax’s mad treasure theft. If this actually is the end of Mr. Crypt—and I’m still holding out for a Baron Rat spinoff—I’m going to miss this series a bunch.

    Available 2/2/17

    Rachel Bellwoar
    Fueled by Coca Cola ICEEs, Rachel Bellwoar collects TV seasons, reads comics, and tries to put her enthusiasm into words. She also shares the same initials (and first name) as Emmy winner, Rachel Bloom. If that brings her one step closer to being a triceratops in a ballet (please watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), she'll take it. Contact: rachel.bellwoar@thatsnotcurrent.com

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