Jimmy’s a bastard. He’s self centered, sex obsessed, constantly getting his partners reassigned because he can’t stop sleeping with them so they form attachments, and likes to push people’s buttons through offensive humor. However, Jimmy’s not a bad guy: Jimmy Regent is a British spy and a damn good one at that.

    The first issue of Jimmy’s Bastards is a pretty wonderful intro to what should be an absolutely wild ride of a spy comic. Written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher MAX, The Boys) with art by Russ Braun (The Boys, Where Monsters Dwell), Jimmy’s Bastards is a spoof on the super spy genre popularized by James Bond. Jimmy’s Bastards immediately establishes a goofy, weird, and Ennis’ trademark overly offensive, but topical, sense of humor.

    We start off with a group of extremists with bombs strapped to their waist taking down a zeppelin full of people who are actually being run by some of Jimmy’s over the top nemeses: Theophilus Trigger and Bobo the Bastard.

    Theophilus Trigger takes his name from his tactic: shouting offensive and triggering things until one of them hits you hard and you immediately break down. Bobo, also being a bastard takes his shtick from his nickname, The Chimp Clown. He’s literally a psychopathic chimp in a clown costume with a human brain who likes to scream obscenities and rip peoples faces off.

    After resolving that whole debacle, the next day Jimmy goes back to base to check out some new spy gear as well as pick up his new partner, Nancy McEwan. Jimmy takes her out for some day drinking to test her, say some offensive stuff to her, see if she takes it, how she takes it, and how tough she is. She figures all this out and more, and he sees a fine partner in her.

    Spoilers here for the end of the issue, but pertains to the title of the comic and overall plot:

    At the tail end of issue 1 we finally get a glimpse of the overarching storyline: Jimmy has a lot of bastards. Like, a group of at least 100 people gathering with one common goal, to “Get Daddy,” because they are literally all Jimmy’s bastard children he’s had with his numerous conquests over the years, and they all want a piece of Jimmy!

    This first issue of Jimmy’s Bastards is fantastic! Incredibly well written by Garth Ennis with his button pushing bleak humor, incredible wit, and outrageous story and characters. Russ Braun’s art works wonders with Ennis’ story here, able to convey how normal and realistic the world looks while at the same time drawing a chimpanzee covered in a clown outfit and blood and gore without making it look goofy at all. It most definitely feels like an issue 1, but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to feel: a good introduction to the world, the characters, the tone and story, and a little glimpse of the insanity to come. Jimmy’s Bastards looks to be an incredibly promising series and issue 1 has us clamoring for more!

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