Titan’s Hook Jaw series draws to a close and finally delivers the blood and gore it’s teased throughout its short run. To recap: the baddie Somalian pirates and the baddie Americans have all kidnapped, threatened and tortured each other, and the rapidly depleting band of environmentalists are stuck in the middle of a power-play that threatens the world.

    Writer, Si Spurrier, manages to tie things up in a nice little bow and in the grand Hook Jaw tradition there’s only one character out of the main cast who survives to presumably tell the tale of Hook Jaw and what it is. Hook Jaw now isn’t just a slavering, eating machine but a figure of folk mythology bordering on the supernatural, as well as being an eating machine. As a series it lacked a certain bite for gorehounds, but managed to beef up the actual character of Hook Jaw, which is something of an achievement.

    So overall a good, solid mini-series that, now that it’s introduced the concept to a new generation of readers, moves onto greater things, assuming of course that Titan continues to publish stories.

    Glenn Miller

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