Hook Jaw is turning into a very different sort of comic. It could have taken the blood and guts approach (and when there is gore and violence it is pretty extreme) but chose instead to take a more political, even measured (as much as is possible in a comic mainly about a giant man-eating Great White shark) approach. This issue sees the focus switch to the Somali pirates who have captured our group of protagonists. For at least one of them that means a very messy end at the teeth of Hook Jaw herself.

    There’s also a clunking great MacGuffin that everyone is looking for which, if found, can either save the world or destroy it, in the wrong hands, of course. It is a tad clunky but it is purely there to drive the plot ahead. The real meat here is in the twisting turns of a plot that’s ramping up the stakes so that the world itself is at risk. Not bad for a series about a shark.

    As always Si Spurrier turns in a good script that’s smarter on a second read, and Connor Boyle’s restrained style means it isn’t just a gorefest or tedious talking heads. As a series this is one of the best things Titan has published, though the cruel amongst us say that isn’t a high benchmark, which would be unfair, as Hook Jaw is a fine comic.

    Available now.

    Glenn Miller

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