New publisher Space Goat’s new title Moonlighters is about a trio of ‘monster helpers’ who happen to be werewolves. Written by Katie Schenkel and drawn by Cal Moray, this is light fluffy stuff which is featuring lots of people with amazingly large manga-esque eyes and the subtext of shunned outsiders who are able to shift into werewolves to help other similarly magical figures isn’t a subtle one, but this isn’t challenging stuff but it is a fun, if somewhat unsubstantial read. Schenkel has a nice touch with dialogue though Moray’s art is far too akin to the sort of thing that churns around on sites like DeviantArt.


    Space Goat’s other title, Heroines, is about a superhero trying to find others like herself by placing an ad on Craigslist. Written and drawn by Ted Naifeh, Heroines dips into a crowded genre with another light of touch and tone title that deals with Macy Madison (there’s your Stan Lee alliteration there) and her attempts to transition from student to superhero. After being rejected by the all-male Sentrymen, she turns to social media to recruit an all-female group. Naifeh’s script at times does feel like it’s shouting at you louder than a Guardian opinion piece but this is easily accessible comics even if (like Moonlighters) it feels somewhat familiar.

    Overall Space Goat seem to be trying to fill a hole in an industry which has a history of being painfully white, male, straight and middle class. These two titles aren’t terrible books; Moonlighters especially feels as if its trying to make something all-ages without being preachy which can’t be said for Heroines, but these are good attempts to include audiences which are often left behind in the superhero/fantasy genre of comics which are genres that haven’t a good history of encompassing all.

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