Once again it’s time for some reviewing. This time it’s the fighting furies, the titanic trio, The Gamma Gals, in their latest issue, The Gamma Gals #3. Will this be as mighty as Powerhouse, or a wave of disappointment? Let’s find out!

    When we last left the story the newest hero, Zero G, was being kidnapped by Dynacorp. Upon waking he meets face to face with the CEO himself, Dallas Dixon. After an interesting chat, and the reveal of how Zero G’s powers manifested, the usual cliché would be for the big corporation to be evil. This is not the case this time, however, as the comic brilliantly changes this old cliché. Instead of them attempting to destroy him, they instead offer him a deal that will help him understand his powers while making them very rich.

    None of this ‘work for us as a super soldier’ rubbish. Instead, it’s all about the marketing. Suddenly Zero G has toys and movie offers galore. He’s Brightstone’s hit, new hero! It’s a nice change from someone that could obviously be the generic bad guy straightaway, to having them support a hero with the side action of using his image and toy sales.

    This doesn’t seem like the worst thing that could happen to Zero G, yet what is a hero without integrity, selling out at the first chance he gets? It doesn’t take us long to find out. A new, big bad of titanic scale shows up, ready to make a splash in the waters of Brightstone. The Gamma Gals and Zero G both respond to this titanic threat. Normally it would be safe to assume that, working together, they’d have no problem with the villains. Unfortunately, it turns out that selling out makes a person get a pretty big ego, and a big ego leads to big problems.

    The Gamma Gals make it their priority to save the sailors of the capsizing boat caught in the battle. Meanwhile, Zero G is more concerned with taking down the big bad himself for all the glory, nearly costing the life of a civilian. Some hero, huh? While Zero G acts like a selfish brat, Tempest attempts to defuse the situation with a negotiation like we saw in the first issue of the series. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of communication difficulty and the only way to solve the problem is by taking him down the hard way.

    This is the first fight we get to see a wide range of uses for The Gamma Gals powers in combat, including Flux being able to fly with wings, Tempest being able to direct water whirlwinds, and Powerhouse’s fighting prowess. It’s interesting to see the variety and creativity put into the fight scene and I hope to see even more inventive uses of their powers as the series continues. With some kick ass teamwork, the Gamma Gals take down the bad guy with absolutely zero help from Zero G, who doesn’t seem to notice that he nearly let sailors die with his reasoning of they can swim. It’s made quite clear the decline in Zero G’s ability to care about anything other than fame. Whether that’s Dynacorp’s method of turning him into a villain, we’ll have to wait and find out. Alas, the comic ends with even more Titans approaching and, considering it took all three Gamma Gals to take one down, it’s going to be a difficult next issue for them and Zero G. I can’t wait to find out how this is going to play out!

    The story set an excellent pace. It continued to stay at the high level of standards I’ve begun to expect from this series, being both exciting, dramatic, full of action and suspense. The comic continues to avoid using clichés, opting instead to try something new. Even though it’s very unlikely a giant Titan is going to want to talk, The Gamma Gals try it anyway. We’ve seen the rise of Zero G in the past two issues and now we’re left questioning if his loss of integrity will hamper his heroic deeds for good, or if he’ll find a way to redeem himself. The small character arcs placed throughout the story add a great deal of depth to the characters and their inner thoughts. We know Zero G thinks one of the Gamma Gals is cute, and that he also craves fame and will do anything to get it. Hopefully at some point it’ll be shown if there’s a personal reason for that craving, since it’s hard to believe he’s a bad person at heart.

    The art of this issue has been the best yet. Improved to perfection, the character designs, line art and colours are perfectly done and consistent throughout the issue. No panel looks out of place with the flow of the fight or rescues feeling frantic and paced well. The character designs have been improved even further, with slight improvements to the colouring giving off a brighter, more colourful comic than the past two issues. The super suits and Titans look particularly pleasing on the eyes. The final page is one of my favourites in the series so far. It’s simply an epic drawing reminiscent of gods rising from the unknown. It leaves the reader with a feeling of awe and excitement of what comes next. It’s safe to say that Gamma Gals #3 is truly the best yet and this is a series to keep an eye on. It’s not often I give out this level of praise, but it’s safe to say this has been a truly epic issue that has no flaws.

    Daniel Kilmurray
    Lifelong nerd, lover of comics, games, Dungeons and Dragons and many other tabletop games. An avid writer and game design student, getting through each day with a cup of coffee and a controller in hand.

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