With the release of The Gamma Gals #2 the question we were last left off with is answered, new enemies are encountered, and sinister plots are sown.

    The comic comes out swinging with an opening involving a fight between the gals and Bunkbuster. A mercenary for hire who has a battle suit grafted to his body (ouch!), he keeps the gals busy launching missiles at innocent bystanders, yet this doesn’t stop them impressively taking him down using teamwork and skill. He may have been a hardy foe but he was no match for them. Every panel of the fight is well drawn and smoothly transitions from one panel to the next. Each scene is full of energy and the lack of written text throughout the battle gives the reader the space to pour over each panel and its details. Immediately as they are about to take him down we’re introduced to the latest hero in town who has gravity manipulation powers, Zero G! I didn’t see this coming, it’s a surprising twist and doesn’t follow the cliché of bully-becomes-villain, and I love it. Yet, just when one answer is given and a new hero is born, a sinister plot begins to form within the industry building of Dynacorp. I’m curious if this will follow the cliché of big-business-is-the-evil-villain or subvert it somehow, we’ll have to wait and see. We are given another view into the normal life of one of the Gamma Gals, this time Harriet a.k.a Flux, our wheelchair bound heroine who in her home life has an incredibly annoying little brother who steals her stuff. It’s simple yet it’s good to see heroes not having their house blown up, or threatened every time they go home; it feels separate and I appreciate that. We get these small glimpses to know the character who wears the costume, rather than just getting to know their super heroic persona. The comics ends on another cliff-hanger as Zero G finds himself in trouble against those at Dynacorp who “just want a word.” Is it the end for Zero G? Will he be turned to the side of evil? We can only hope not and that the Gamma Gals can save him before it’s too late in the next issue.

    The writing is once again well done and continues to keep the high quality we saw in issue 1. Each character feels truly unique and none of them feel out of place. There is a lot of effort and love put into the writing of the comic, it flows incredibly well as if the writer has painstakingly poured over each line to make sure it sounds great. The story does its best to avoid all the clichés that are often found in other comics and I appreciate that. The Gamma Gals continues to feel fresh with its lovable characters and villains, and a story that continues to add more layers as the comic continues. I can’t offer any criticisms of the writing and its placement. The action panels are clean and no panel is overloaded with texts, everything simply feels right.

    The art also continues to be great, with well detailed environments and character costumes that continue to look amazing. The costumes stand out as my favourite part of the art to date. Each costume adds to the character’s uniqueness and informs the reader of what their powers might be even if they never used them. Zero G’s costume is currently my favourite, reminiscent of a mix of Cyclops and Nightwing, with its own unique twist, it’s badass. There is only one issue I have with the art and it’s the final panel. The characters look far more unfinished compared to every other panel of the comic. It isn’t a major issue but it stands out to me as odd, especially when we see the same character moments before drawn in the same fluid style as the rest of the comic.

    The Gamma Gals #2 is a well written comic, that I’d currently recommend to anyone and everyone who will listen, it represents a lot of people. There continues to be a lot of love and passion poured into its creation and most of all, it’s fun to read. I can see this comic creating a gamma wave in comics as it shows others the best way to represent others while maintaining originality and creativity.

    Daniel Kilmurray
    Lifelong nerd, lover of comics, games, Dungeons and Dragons and many other tabletop games. An avid writer and game design student, getting through each day with a cup of coffee and a controller in hand.

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