Cinepocalypse returns to Chicago’s historic Music Box Theatre for a third straight year with 8 days of fantastic film mayhem. This year’s festivities begin on June 13th with the world premiere Verotkia, the directorial debut from punk legend Glenn Danzig. Featuring a plot shrouded in secrecy, a soundtrack of new Danzig music, and based on the output of his comic book publishing company Verotik—a compound of “violence” and “erotic”—this feature film anthology is a realization of his lifelong love of comics and the
    dark arts.

    Keeping with the music theme, Cinepocalypse will also be honoring shock rockers GWAR with a retrospective of their short films, including big screen debut of the Grammy-Nominated Phallus in Wonderland. The GWAR excitement will continue as BälSäc and Sleazy P. take the stage and perform a live butchering of rock god Thor’s cult classic Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare.

    This year’s festival will shine a spotlight on the badass women of horror, of which there are many. There will be a special screening of Gigi Saul Guerrer’s Culture Shock, which follows a young Mexican woman as her pursuit for the American Dream turns into the American Nightmare. For those looking for a bloody midnight horror-comedy, look no further than Chelsea Stardust’s outrageous Satanic PanicThis film, produced by the gang over at Fangoria, follows a pizza delivery girl that gets caught up in a sacrificial mess after getting stiffed on a tip.

    ‘Attack of the Demons’

    In an effort to continue to raise the bar for genre cinema, CFF will host a number of world premieres this year. Premieres include Attack of the Demons, a cut paper stop motion feature length film from one of the best animators working in the genre scene today, Eric Power. This latest effort from Power is about three friends fighting off a horde of demons in a gory, apocalyptic nightmare. Other world premieres include Dean Kapsalis’ The SwerveLucky McKee’s Kindred Spirits, and Eric Liberacki’s Chicago-set slasher The Lurker.

    A number of films will also be making their North American and Midwest premieres, including Morrocan monster horror Achoura, demonic border-set Belzebuth, horror-comedy Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary, and the bewildering crime thriller Punta Muerto.

    ‘Tammy and the T-Rex’

    CFF will also wow audiences with versions of “cult classics” not known to previously exist. The bizarre Denise Richards love story (???), Tammy and the T-Rex gets a 35mm screening of the never-before-seen, never-known-to-exist, R- rated ‘Gore-cut’ for the first time ever, thanks to Academy Film Archive. Then, just in time for its 35th anniversary, CFF attendees will be able to see an extended, 4K producer’s cut of the Porkys-esquire youth comedy, Hot Dog…The Movie.

    This is a just a small snippet of the wacky shenanigans CFF has in store for genre fans heads to Chicago later this week. For a full list of films, showtimes, tickets and additional information, please visit Cinepocalypse.com.

    Cinepocalypse is made possible thanks to the support of ALTER, Orion, Bloody- Disgusting.com, Shudder, Fangoria, & Vinegar Syndrome.

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