Dolph Lundgren is my man crush. There, I said it. Ever since I saw him kicking ass in Showdown In Little Tokyo alongside Brandon Lee, I’ve known that he was the one for me. The action-supremo has graced our screens with some of the finest macho performances in bad ass cinema throughout the years, which makes him a perfect antagonist to go up against Oliver Queen.

    In the upcoming episode “So It Begins”, Lundgren will debut as the Russian villain Konstantin Kovar, and much like Rocky IV, I’ll be rooting for him to kill the hero.


    Dolph is dressed to kill in the upcoming episode, “So It Begins.”

    “Kovar is very much a villain certainly in the Arrow vein, which is to say he’s pretty badass, he’s pretty evil, but he, of course, does not think of himself as such,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently told EW. “He thinks of himself as doing the right thing, which, in that sense, makes him very similar to a lot of the villains that we’ve had in the past. What is interesting about Kovar is he has a mix of intelligence and physical presence that we haven’t necessarily seen. He’s physically bigger than a lot of our villains that we’ve had in the past.”

    Do you need any more convincing of Dolph’s awesomeness? Of course you don’t. But if you do just watch this video and be enthralled for life.


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