Trailers rule. Specifically genre trailers from the ’70s and ’80s. It’s not that the good trailers are exclusive to these two decades, not at all, but it does seem that the highest quantity of great trailers reside somewhere between 1970 and 1989.

    The best way to enjoy trailers is to watch hundreds of them back-to-back-to-back-to-back in hour long marathons. Now you could do this by going on YouTube and searching for a trailer or two and surely you’ll get sucked down into some rabbit hole. Yeah, it could be fun, but the trailers will likely be subpar quality at best. And honestly, if you’re watching a subpar trailer you really need to re-evaluate your life.

    At this point I know what you’re thinking. “What do I do, Chris? How do I enjoy endless hours of trailer madness? How do I DO IT?!?!”

    This may come as a surprise, but the solution is rather simple. Head on over to Umbrella Entertainment and purchase Drive-In Delirium: With a Vengeance.

    See, Umbrella has already done the hard part for you. They’ve selected a slew of trailers — 157 of them to be exact — and packed them all together in their latest Drive-In Delirium release. And these trailers aren’t just the garbage quality ones you’ll find on YouTube. These trailers are all uncensored and remastered in high definition.

    And it shows. Each one of these trailers are absolutely gorgeous. These are crystal clear presentations that allow you to experience the trailers as they were meant to be seen.

    The trailers are mostly of the sci-fi and action ilk, but there are some horror, comedy, epic adventure and more included as well. And, as the subtile suggests, many of the trailers are for films that revolve around tales of vengeance. Oh, and they are uncensored, with plenty of full frontal nudity on display.

    You can watch all the trailers together, but they are split into two categories of roughly 80 trailers each. Part One is “Cruise Control” and this includes the majority of the action titles. Lots of blaxploitation, ’70s crime and things like that. This is where you’ll find trailers for things like ShaftHell Up In HarlemThe French Connection, and Cobra.

    Part Two is “The Year We Make Contact.” There is a bit more variety in this section. You have westerns, including the spaghetti variety, sci-fi, and Ozploitation. Here we get trailers for The YakuzaReturn of there SevenYor – The Hunter from the Future, and Mad Dog Morgan. There’s even a trailer for Terrance Fisher’s Sword of Sherwood Forest. This is a take on Robin Hood with Richard Greene as the folk hero fighting for the poor and the great Peter Cushing as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

    Both sections offer up a good mix of more popular trailers and some fairly obscure stuff. Even the most hardcore genre fans are going to be jotting down titles to track down and watch later.

    Before each sections trailers begin, viewers are treated with old commercials. The best of the bunch is an old ad for Mego’s Fonzie doll, but there’s an old Kool-Aid commercial that gives it a run for its money.

    The kicker with this release is that in addition to the two parts of trailers, there is an added bonus called “Son of VHS Delirium.” This is an extra 90 minutes of trailers, many of which do not appear in the first two parts. Some of the highlights here include trailers for Beyond EvilManiacEvil Dead, and To Kill a Clown. These trailers, as the name suggests, are not remastered in HD. These are pan-and-scan, square box, VHS-quality trailers. They even open up with a the blue screen and the tracking adjusting as if you were putting a VHS into a VCR and hitting play.

    What I love most about “Son of VHS” is the promos and specific trailers for Video Classics release. Video Classics was one of the first, and most popular, home video distributors. They had a relatively short run, operating from 1979 to 1984, but in that time they distributed a lot of stuff and had plenty of fun promos. The VHS portion even ends with phone numbers for people to call to get more information on Video Classics titles, and I desperately need someone in Australia to call these numbers and see if any still work.

    A lot of great trailer compilations have hit Blu-ray in recent years. But as has been the case for some time now Umbrella Entertainment continues to lead the way, and With a Vengeance might very well be their best release yet. If you’re having a movie night with some friends and want to start the evening off with trailers, this will fulfill that need. Or maybe you’re having a party and just want something on in the background. Whatever the case may be, if you love trailers, you need this. Hell, even if you just like them you probably should buy this.

    Christopher Coffel
    My name is Chris. These are words written by me.

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