As a kid of the ‘90s, you will have a number of things to reminisce from the last two decades. Memories will bring back some of the funniest times from your childhood along with some interesting moments highlighting how life was much simpler. If you are a ‘90s kid, you will understand the excitement for the comeback of top retro gadgets. In fact, you will also appreciate the items mentioned on this list. These are some extremely awesome things that kids from the current generation will never be able to live or experience. So sit back as we enjoy a blast from the past:

    1. Blockbuster
    These orange or black tapes run on the VHS were a thrill. Renting them to watch the weekly Blockbuster was an experience of its own that the kids of today will never understand.

    2. Rock-paper-scissors
    Let’s admit it! Every decision was taken on the basis of these games. Right from the days of high-school to graduation, this game was played for every matter of importance.

    3. Tamagotchi
    Nurturing a little digital pet living inside a small handheld device was the coolest thing ever. What’s more interesting is that Tamagotchis were on a real schedule requiring food and attention on a regular basis. If you didn’t attend to the pet for a few days, it would die.

    4. AOL
    Everyone living in the era of ‘90s used AOL. We now don’t need to listen to the painful dial tone but back then, this was what allowed us to connect with individuals across the globe. Watching the three boxes full with the internet finally accessible created an excitement of its own.

    5. Text Messages
    The meaning of text messages back then was pen and paper. Messages were passed in classrooms in small chits of paper or sent as letters through a postman. These handwritten messages were way more personalized and creative.

    6. The Macarena
    The steps of this song were on everyone’s tips. Playing the song at a party to follow the steps was like mandatory.

    7. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon Shows
    Even though Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon still exist, they will never have the same kind of shows that played in the ‘90s. The shows back then were educational, informational, and created a curiosity for kids to wake up early morning, even on a weekend.

    8. Slap Bracelets
    Available in all kinds of colours with famous characters drawn on them, wearing slap bracelets to school was fun. Slapping them on the wrist to wrap around like a bracelet was unique. In fact, using them on Friendship’s Day to slap on your friend’s wrist was a much-awaited moment.

    9. Pokemon Cards
    These cards generally came free with a pack of chips or other such snack items. Every kid wanted to collect these cards and then trade them with their friends for a better offer. These cards taught children the skills of how to negotiate and trade.

    10. Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation
    With limited access to the internet and other streaming applications like YouTube and Netflix, entertainment meant videos games played on the Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation.

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